Making Sense of the Election

Hey, has this been the nastiest season for election commercials ever? I mean, if half of what one candidate says about the other is true we are doomed to elect a host of worthless office occupiers instead of individuals who give a crap about this great country.


I have to say that it sickens me that we have devolved to this type of wretched politics; but who's kidding who? It's been going on for years and we as the voting public are in a position of responsibility in speaking out about it, or it's just gonna get worse. I for one think the commercials should be banned in favor of debates... or UFC-type elimination. Just kidding. That stuff scares me.

At the same time it is very difficult to make sense of all the mudslinging. And if you're an honest citizen simply trying to vote your conscience and hopefully elect the right person for the job, it can be depressing as well. In navigating through the maze of innuendo and deceit, it's important to consider how we can get some clarity in the midst of the historical darkness that looms over our country's future.

For one thing, we can stop watching television. I know, that's sounds extreme but I did it a few years back and I feel like the effect has been a subtle lift in the energy of my day to day. It's okay to be informed, we just don't have to inundated. Second, and of considerably more importance, we can pray about it. I don't mean, "Dear Lord help me to know who is the least evil among the candidates." I am talking about praying for our country specifically, as well as the men and women who are vying for your vote. It's important that we have a spiritual approach to elections since the attitude of ugliness we have been witnessing seems to have a certain dark force behind it. I'm not a doom-and-gloom type but I can see evil when it presents itself.

Let's call it what it is.

We want honesty in office. We want integrity. And we want results. I do not take sides and this post is definitely not of partisan flavor, but I am an American who is sick and tired of being sick and tired of the way we get blindsided by the very ones who promise to lift our country out of the mess we've made. I love this place and I want to see it lifted up, not torn down. I am praying that God will have mercy on all of us.

To make sense of this election requires a bit more in the brains department than I have to work with. However I don't have to be Einstein to recognize that we need Divine intervention, and we need it soon. Maybe the answer lies in remembering the history of other great nations who have gone before. I for one do not look forward to being another statistic, and I would be thankful to see us get our proverbial act together and begin working together instead of attacking our brothers and sisters. Some days it seems like it may be too late.

Is it too late?

I don't know, but God knows we need an answer, and we need it soon. Love works in all sorts of situations in helping to bring about reconciliation and healing. Can't we pray for Love to infiltrate the hearts and minds of our already-elected officials as well as those who are about to take office? Maybe it's just me, but today it feels like we don't have any remaining options except to make Love the foundation of our thoughts and actions.

There was a great man named Jesus, Emmanuel, the Christ who visited us and taught that loving God and loving each other were the most important things to consider. Is there a candidate out there who has said that he loves his opponent?

LUVWRX. I Believe it!

-- jb