Love's Will Be Done

I often speak of love and things related, and while I am no stranger to it, Love is a mystery waiting to be unraveled. I allow music and the gift of the artist to assist me in that unraveling. In fact...

I am a music freak.

I find solace in knowing that there exists an artist who has the unmistakable gift of reading our hearts, and producing a work of art by which to prove it. Eddie K. of the band LIVE has a special way of expressing things. This song says so much, so well that I wanted to just share it.

I know one or two of you have already heard this song, but indulge a romantic and give it a listen just once more. This "official" video was done by a young man who entered a contest held by the LIVE fan club to actually create a visual for their fans who have raved over the lyrics. It is shot in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The scenery is surreal, nearly perfect, and the words... well the words are haunting. Allow yourself to go with Eddie as he, once more, says it just so...


I love you. -- jb



I have been writing about conversations between me and a dear friend. His has been a journey towards inner peace.

He has arrived.

His failing relationship, which was the cause of his turmoil, has come to an end. He is now facing the future with head held high, free of the emotional tugs that kept him under the dark cloud of guilt.

My friend is strong, but he is also vulnerable to his own self-inflicted pain. It would seem that, for some of us, pain has a miraculous way of bringing about emotional healing.

My friend is healed.

Following, you will read two poems from another dear friend. These were sent to my friend as a way of assisting in the process of moving on. They are quite moving. I suppose even more so for those of us who have survived traumatic events of our own.

Allow yourself to become immersed in the words. If you've lost at love, then you will see where this talented writer is coming from. May you never have to endure such pain.



There are moments when like minds meld,
as parallel thoughts turn perpendicular,
only to collide and dissolve as quickly as they appear.

In this short span of time
expressions slide past tongues and into ears,
with the speed of a spine-tailed swift.

Here, where past transgressions are forgiven,
with the simple spark of a synapse,
or the stroke of a pen.

The probability of finding one kindred spirit
with which to share such painful pleasures,
is almost nonexistent in this life.

But, somewhere while traversing the depths of life’s vast sea,
my soul found in yours,
what yours found in me.


There was a point where I thought I had forgotten you;

A point where present and past folded into each other like ribbons,

Bending and swirling in the breeze,

A point where time bent into itself,

Overlapping and overwriting as the second hand ticked quickly by.

For a brief moment, synapse and soul rejected my memories of you,

And I felt relief from the ache of the empty place you left behind.

Then, as quickly as I had forgotten the time,

I remembered your hand on your hair,

Your voice in the distance,

The gentle roll of your throaty laugh,

And then,

The moment when it all came crashing to an end was vivid once again.

Somewhere, memories still fold into themselves,

Waxing and waning like the flow of the tide,

Bound inexplicably by a silver thread to the pull of the moon,

Your center,
Your soul,
Your breath,

The part of you I sense when I slumber.

There is no explanation for this strap that tugs me toward you in thought.

Even in sleep, I find no solace.

My earthly eyes may close,

But the visions of your sweet face haunt me,

And always will,

Until memories overlap and overwrite,

And the second hand ticks off the last moment of my time.


There's Nothing to Forgive

This life is full of unexpected twists and turns. And as we go our way merrily singing our own praise, we sometimes don't recognize the warning signs as we enter a particular turn. If we're not careful we can flip over. My friend is still in the midst of turning, and this is a bit of an update about the journey he finds himself on.

Things are better.

It would appear that things are better for him in that he is reading the signs and, most importantly, obeying them. This has led him to his peace. It has its price of course, this inner peace, and what I am about to describe for you is a portion of another conversation regarding the necessity of being in your own peace before you can attempt to offer any.

Additionally, looking for your own peace or happiness in anything outside of your own self is sure to lead to difficulty. No one and no thing can provide what is inherently ours at the start. It is our recognition that we have the power to choose that makes it easier to find the peace that otherwise seems to elude us.

We choose everything. And what we see in others that we don't like is usually what we have not addressed within our own selves.

My friend and I had just made it through some rough territory about what constitutes grounds for absolute forgiveness (which is everything) when he said the most remarkable thing: "My heart tells me that there is nothing left to forgive. It is as if my perception (meaning ego) is the only thing that attempts to make me think someone did something to hurt me. When I really meditate on it, there's nothing to forgive. That makes it easier."

Turn the other cheek.

It is such a courageous moment when we turn the cheek. We don't do it because we are weak. No. We do it because we have found our own power; the power that is ours alone, and not to be given to others.

But don't give your power away.

Giving ourselves to another is proof that we see within them something we want to contribute to and participate in. That doesn't mean we allow them to have our power. It follows then that allowing another to give themselves openly and honestly to us is to say, "I allow you to be you; warts and all." That is not taking their power. It is simply allowing.

In allowing another person the right to be authentic, we naturally allow the Spirit which is in all things the freedom to provide blessing and energy to the most subtle of interactions between us. Love is naturally expressed through willing participation in the ups and downs of another, and by remaining with them as they grow through it all.

Just Grow up.

It is growth, and the willingness to grow that speaks to our commitment to a given thing. Whether it be a career, a goal, or a relationship, it is all about improving ourselves, and improving how we treat others. When we focus on our personal growth without sacrificing the art of paying attention to the needs of others, we have found the balance that we need to remain at peace in this life.

There is nothing to forgive.

When we remember that love never sees itself offended, life will become joyful instead of difficult. Let us focus on others as we grow up. Let us make peace by being at peace with ourselves.

I love you. -- jb