A New Blog


What'd You Go And Do That For?

They (the unknown authorities) say that change is inevitable. We either choose to resist that change, or we allow the flow of Life to show us the new thing.

I am staring directly into the eyes of the new thing.

I am not sure what I see, but I know one thing. I have begun to expand my writing to include topics that were not my original intent, and I find that I have allowed my main focus for this blog to move off center.

I have lost focus.

When I began to explore my feelings about exclusion and the act of separation (the verb), I found writing was an outlet that served two purposes. I could voice my opinion of course, which is something I do well. I could also take the opportunity to reflect on the words that came from within me and allow them to be for me.

It has been good therapy.

It is good to reflect and take stock of what we are accomplishing for good as we walk the earth. In my contemplation I have decided that I will begin again with There Is No Them. I will continue to rant and rave here as Jeff Baker (the ego) Talks. God knows I have a need to talk.

At the same time, I am so very conscious of the fact that I live in a world that is hurting, with some on the brink of despair. The situation we find ourselves faced with today resulted specifically because of the egos of the greedy individuals who would rule the world. I still see it in myself. How I pray it were not so.

For those of you who, like me, ultimately see this world as a place of beauty and promise, I will soon provide a link to a blog that is more in tune with what I know I am to speak about. There is no way I can ever look out from these tiring eyes again and see otherness. It is so clear that we are meant to be connected in an intricate and divine fashion.

That we are divided by racial, religious, social, or even geographical lines is the great lie cast upon us, by us.

In our ignorance, we have hurt our brothers and sisters in some name or for some cause. Through anger and revenge we have given the taking of another person's life a certain legitimacy... no matter the reason. It all must end soon.

We must forgive. It is our only hope. See you soon.

Peace -- jb