Everywhere I Go, There I Am

Friends leave. Sometimes there is no other way. They may choose to leave for various reasons -- job change, death, or sometimes they just run away. Whatever the reason, whatever the purpose, what remains is always the same -- I.

I am.

I am, no matter what happens to my circumstances. Happiness is not found outside of me. If I rely on relationships (or anything else) to bolster my happiness factor, I am forgetting my right to choose. I know I talk about this a lot, but it is so worth repeating:

Happiness is a choice; not something you get.

I observe and I learn. I am learning the art of being me, and it as simple as a choice. All my life I've been searching. That's what I do. Today I am reminded me that I have discovered enough through the years to be, do, and have anything I choose. The Spirit which is in all things, and emits the Love that underpins all that exists is alive and well in me, and my happiness is found there.


Because of Love, I am able to love. I choose it knowing full well that It chose me first. I am. And everywhere I go, whether alone or with friends, there I will be found. And I am here. Right here, right now. I am a little more awake today, and the sun shone a little brighter today. It is this type of perspective on Life that guides me in the way that is best suited for me. I am a lucky man, and I know it. Thanks for reading :) and may peace fill your soul.

I love you. -- jb


Suffering in the Name of Love is Dumb

"There is much suffering in the world - very much. Material suffering is suffering from hunger, suffering from homelessness, from all kinds of disease, but I still think that the greatest suffering is being lonely, feeling unloved, just having no one. I have come more and more to realize that it is being unwanted that it the worst disease that any human being can ever experience."
-- Mother Teresa

Now I'm not sure how much personal suffering one has to experience before they can say loneliness is the greatest suffering, but if you've been there I suppose there is no need for comparison. It seems there is much upheaval these days, and there is no shortage of perceived suffering on just about every horizon I can see. I received the above quote from an old and dear friend in reply to an earlier post here, and when I read it, I was struck by the thought that the suffering seems to be over. Thanks Mia.

At the same time, there is this knowing. You know?

You know how you just know, and then it is? I do. Hope lingers, even when ignored, and I just know that the dark days of perception tainted by pain are over... or quickly will be :) I can't explain the sudden turn in the air. Maybe the many sunrises I've participated in over the last months have left me with a promise forgotten, that all things are good if I say so. Things are only not that when I say, No.

Don't Just Say No

When I stand and block the gates of love, I am saying no. When I judge any-one including myself I am saying no. When I say no, I am saying I don't care what happens, I'm against it. Saying no to the extent that it causes another to suffer is not only unnecessary, it is unhealthy.

Think. About. It.

Love is the way to peace. Peace is the reason we offer love. Thinking about it is being responsible. Doing something in the name of love can change the world.

Peace -- jb