Today I Get a Mulligan

Well actually everyday is a mulligan, and we all get them.

I have been reticent in not posting for so long. Recently I was encouraged to write again and I thought I would just test the waters today and see how it goes. So... here goes:

I've been thinking a lot lately about why things are the way they are. You know, just why is it like it is? Even though no one is actually "causing" things to be like they are, it would be helpful to blame it all on someone when it isn't according to my idea. At the same time, I am certain that most of the difficulty we face starts with us.

Let me explain that: We get what we look for.

I have a four-year-old step daughter. She is my princess and she has a way of helping me see things as they really are. Imagine that. A child's wisdom teaches an old guy like me. I love it... and she knows it.

Many times in recent months I have been blinded by the "unfairness" of things. I get all pitiful and self absorbed in things I cannot control. At times like this, I don't really feel like listening to advice but when this angel of God looks at me and smiles, I melt. I simply melt. And when I least expect it she changes the way I "see" the things that previously had my attention. Her latest effort to keep me focused on what is real is to climb up into my lap, kiss me, wrap her arms around me, and simply and very gently pat me on my back.

Who is the child in this visual I just gave you?

Clearly this is an oversimplified lesson in keeping the real thing the real thing. At the same time, it is one of the ways I am reminded to stay focused on what matters to God. He sees all my struggles. He knows that I can become desperate. He wants to help me. He rejoices when I relax and let go of my need to control. Yet I bind his hands when I worry instead of leaning on him.

Today my wife said those very words. Today I am more grateful for her, for her faith, her example, her belief. Today I am content to let those things that are not mine to control -- be it people or circumstances -- be what they are. Today I take my mulligan.

Beloved, we are granted unmerited favor by Christ's finished work on the cross and it is ours to take. It is a free gift... and much better than a mulligan in the fact that whether we take it or not, it is still ours. I want to claim mine Today and let the things of this world fall away.... far away.

LUVWRX. Thank God!