There's Only One World

At least as far as we know right now. The point being, we can continue finding fault with them ... the other party, the other religion, even the other denomination or affiliation, OR we can decide to take responsibility for ourselves and start working on solutions to our perceived differences.

There is No Them

The mere thought that we are separate and apart from each other is a root cause for our divisiveness. This world is a splendid place in which to live, and our cooperation and reconciliation with each person we interact with can bring healing and dissolve our illusion of separateness.

What a Wonderful World

Today the sky is a beautiful blue with wispy cirrus clouds drifting lazily by. As I sit and take it all in, I am conscious of the stirring in my own heart for peaceful coexistence with all of Life. I am amazed at the treasures this world offers me and I am grateful for the opportunity to live relatively free from strife. (The wind just picked up as if in agreement.)

What Can I Do?

I have the opportunity to view the world today as it has always been intended to be seen from the start. I can choose today to see them as I wish to be seen. Not as the other, but as one of us. We are One. It may take some effort to get to the point of being in agreement with that statement, however as soon as we change the way we see the world, the world we see will change. Be Peace.

I love you. -- jeff


How to Avoid Conflict Every Time

There is a very simple step we can take any time we are faced with the potential for conflict. Just one step... We can choose to NOT be offended.

Just. Do. It.

Now, I didn't say this is an easy thing to do. Simple and easy are two different things. Easy implies little or no effort. Simple suggests that little thought should be involved... it just might be difficult to make the choice to do it.

We can make a tremendous contribution to the overall well being of our planet by choosing to avoid fighting. All it really takes is a conscious awareness of the consequences of being part of a dispute, and choosing to be a part of the solution instead.

You Can Do It!

It may not seem natural to offer forgiveness, but who ever said fighting was our nature? Have you ever paid attention to how you feel either during a fight or after? It really isn't a pleasant feeling at all. Make the effort today to see the "other" as anything but the other. See them as equal. Choose to turn the other cheek. It is a sure fire way to avoid conflict. Try it today.

Peace -- jb



I watched a video clip today that was sent to me by my wife. It made me happy. I was quite moved by it, and I decided to share it for no other apparent reason. Of course, there is this tiny hope in me (it's why I blog) that it might move you... too.

In fact, I began to think that if our world leaders would, for just a moment, let go of their fear-based prejudices towards each other, and watch it, it might not seem so out of the ordinary. It might, instead, serve as a model.

Don't walk, don't talk. Do.

Leaders lead, preachers preach and teachers teach. But as you will see in a moment, lessons on love and acceptance (which are finally on the increase) are apt to be illustrated in most any way, by a variety of characters, in just about any place. This case centers around creatures that have discovered a truth of our existence. I suspect that it will move many of you as it did me.

In a word, the video is refreshing. (Someone took the time to tell the world about it.) It is a simple illustration of possibility. The possibility that we, the human race, might set aside the assumed paradigm of "them" or "other," and embrace the cause of peace through the simple act of acceptance.

And. Be. Open.

Many we see are different than we are in some way, and that my friend is a gift from God. If we were all the same, with the same beliefs, the same looks, the same religion, the same, the same, the same, where would the contrast be? Without contrast, without discussions about how variety really is the spice of life, are we able to appreciate? Can we grow if we aren't offered something new to consider? How many people do you know who want to talk about the prospects of lasting peace?


It is not just a buzz word. It is an eternal fire burning in the hearts and minds of many of us across the Earth. Our desire is strong, and we know that there is a coming critical mass. A time when enough people will stop being against things, and start being for things. A sudden awareness by the majority will occur that we really are meant to love one another as we love ourselves. It really does work.

Peace. It is not the buzz of the day. A real peace for the entire world will be realized. How much sweeter that we would enjoy the ride, and get there by choice... so we can get there sooner.


Ok. On the first link, let the commercial pass and enjoy. I added the second one so you can see how these two interact in daily life. May your perspective about life on this planet be filled with images such as these:

1. http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=4696315n

2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAN5nf04L2s

Peace and Love. -- jb


History Starts Now

There is only Now. For every moment in history, there was first the Now. Our past is of no use to us if we ignore It, our future nonexistent without It. We are present within It, as It exists in all that is.

Music Reminds Us

I am a music person. I understand fully the power it possesses and its effect on me. From within the literal ocean of music available today, some songs rise to the top, as if elevated by the very vibration contained within them. There seems to be some kind of special (good and true) intent behind these songs.

Intelligent Artists Spread Peace

At the end of this post is a link (including lyrics) to a song that asks the question: What Kind of World Do You Want? It is written by John Ondrasik of the band Five For Fighting. I like it for many reasons but was reminded tonight by my good friend Kimbo that it is an important song. Many artists today are making great use of their fan base by raising awareness about those things they find worth writing about. (can you bloggers relate?)

What Kind Of World Do You Want?

There is no one who can take responsibility for the world I choose to see. Think. About. It... really stop and give it some headspace. I know life can be very unfair. Things happen to us that no one should have to go through. I understand personally. Yet I can choose to see a better world for me and it IS true. Can I get an amen?

Write History Now

With all the news about our current state of affairs, it can seem difficult to have a hopeful outlook. It is, however, my choice to see it "as it is," or to see it "as I desire it to be." I participate in the vibration of the media if I give in to the illusion of separation, lack, and terror. I create another vibration entirely when I not only pray for peace, but take an active role in offering forgiveness to those who would otherwise view me as one of "them."

Take Responsibility

It has been said that if I want peace, I must truly be at peace. If I, as an individual citizen of planet Earth, take full responsibility for all of my thoughts, words, and actions, the idea of world peace somewhere in the future would become the reality of Now. Put another way, being mindful of the personal responsibility we have at the individual level for the thoughts we think about others... as well as ourselves, can lead to forgiveness, which leads to healing, which leads to all kinds of wonderful things to consider. So...

Think. Good. Thoughts.

Enjoy -- http://www.onlylyrics.com/song.php?id=1003546 -- jeff