How to Avoid Conflict Every Time

There is a very simple step we can take any time we are faced with the potential for conflict. Just one step... We can choose to NOT be offended.

Just. Do. It.

Now, I didn't say this is an easy thing to do. Simple and easy are two different things. Easy implies little or no effort. Simple suggests that little thought should be involved... it just might be difficult to make the choice to do it.

We can make a tremendous contribution to the overall well being of our planet by choosing to avoid fighting. All it really takes is a conscious awareness of the consequences of being part of a dispute, and choosing to be a part of the solution instead.

You Can Do It!

It may not seem natural to offer forgiveness, but who ever said fighting was our nature? Have you ever paid attention to how you feel either during a fight or after? It really isn't a pleasant feeling at all. Make the effort today to see the "other" as anything but the other. See them as equal. Choose to turn the other cheek. It is a sure fire way to avoid conflict. Try it today.

Peace -- jb


  1. Wow this is so true. It can often seem so simple to so many that it is overlooked. See, this is what I love about you Jeff, You get right to the heart of things. AS I was reading this I imagined a world where suddenly all all over the world refused to go to war, refused to "fight for their country". IF that happened war would not be possible. Sadly I saw a video, I forget what country it was, but that country had TV programs for little preschool kids and in the program they were teaching the kids to pick up guns and kill their enemies (all disguised as play through puppet like characters and "fun" little songs). Yet is was a powerful form of brainwashing children to grow up and hate their supposed enemy. I grieved for those kids. But the powers to be must know that if they don't condition the kids they won't grow up to hate.

    I was telling someone today that I am at a place in my life where I now realize that every action I do or don't do effects the entire Universe. And I mean EVERY action or inaction I choose, not just the ones people can see. It is an amazing place to be because I feel to completely connected to everything that exists. I AM everything that exists and everything is me. So if I chose not to forgive someone, I am choosing to not forgive myself. If I hate someone I hate myself.

    The astonishing thing is that at this point in my life, this is not some "head" concept. It is something I feel with my entire body, mind, spirit and soul. I cannot escape this KNOWING. Nor do I want to. I love it. It is a good thing. Thank you dear Jeff for healing the world in you own beautiful clear true way. Hugs, Robin

  2. I think it's good advice, Jim. Thank you!

    I'm working on it.

  3. Truly it seems to me now that the only answer is to defuse the anger by simply insisting to myself that it's beneath me. By insisting to myself that I won't become angry no matter what another person throws my way.
    It's deceptively simple.

  4. Just having the presence of awareness in the NOW to let it pass and not judge, that is key. Not to say that I can do it, but working towards being less resistant to what cannot be changed is a good step. No way to avoid conflict in this dream of a life, but balancing it with ad operating from love is course of most blessings and wisdom.

    One Love


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