History Starts Now

There is only Now. For every moment in history, there was first the Now. Our past is of no use to us if we ignore It, our future nonexistent without It. We are present within It, as It exists in all that is.

Music Reminds Us

I am a music person. I understand fully the power it possesses and its effect on me. From within the literal ocean of music available today, some songs rise to the top, as if elevated by the very vibration contained within them. There seems to be some kind of special (good and true) intent behind these songs.

Intelligent Artists Spread Peace

At the end of this post is a link (including lyrics) to a song that asks the question: What Kind of World Do You Want? It is written by John Ondrasik of the band Five For Fighting. I like it for many reasons but was reminded tonight by my good friend Kimbo that it is an important song. Many artists today are making great use of their fan base by raising awareness about those things they find worth writing about. (can you bloggers relate?)

What Kind Of World Do You Want?

There is no one who can take responsibility for the world I choose to see. Think. About. It... really stop and give it some headspace. I know life can be very unfair. Things happen to us that no one should have to go through. I understand personally. Yet I can choose to see a better world for me and it IS true. Can I get an amen?

Write History Now

With all the news about our current state of affairs, it can seem difficult to have a hopeful outlook. It is, however, my choice to see it "as it is," or to see it "as I desire it to be." I participate in the vibration of the media if I give in to the illusion of separation, lack, and terror. I create another vibration entirely when I not only pray for peace, but take an active role in offering forgiveness to those who would otherwise view me as one of "them."

Take Responsibility

It has been said that if I want peace, I must truly be at peace. If I, as an individual citizen of planet Earth, take full responsibility for all of my thoughts, words, and actions, the idea of world peace somewhere in the future would become the reality of Now. Put another way, being mindful of the personal responsibility we have at the individual level for the thoughts we think about others... as well as ourselves, can lead to forgiveness, which leads to healing, which leads to all kinds of wonderful things to consider. So...

Think. Good. Thoughts.

Enjoy -- http://www.onlylyrics.com/song.php?id=1003546 -- jeff


  1. Enjoyed the post and video. Heartening to see expressed how compacted our interconnections are in this moment.

  2. Hey mystery person :)

    I have an "awakening sense" that we will be seeing much more if it.


  3. Hi Jeff - I totally agree with you - that we need to be at peace ourselves, and take responsibility for creating the world we experience.

    I've seen so many blog posts recently saying what's wrong with the world - they seem, from the way they are expressed, to miss the point!

    Cheers - Robin

  4. Thanks for dropping by Robin. Always great to see you. As you can see I have not been keeping up the WP site. I love blogger because of the simplicity. Maybe one day I can break the barrier.... haha.

    Take care.


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