Life Is Good

No matter what you've been told, all is well.

There are many of us who don't believe that statement, and that's a symptom of living in a world that reflects our thoughts back to us. Our thoughts become things. All is well. Think that thought. Just try it for a minute. Life is good.

Think. About. It.

For those of us who realize this absolute truth, freedom has arrived. There is nothing to worry about or fret over. There is nothing to fear. Believe in yourself and remember that you are a pure soul created in perfection. You have been placed exactly where you are to do what you came here to do. You may not know what that is, but it may only be because you haven't asked.

And it is ok to ask the question. It is ok to question period. But hey dude (or dudette), it's your life, you have a say-so in what happens so get up, get out and get on with life. Enjoy where you are... and you don't have to give up on your goals and dreams in the meantime. I have made a discovery that helps me a great deal. Here it is.

Are You Ready?

Decide to accept the life you have and be ok with that. Always have a burning desire for your goals to be realized, but don't miss out on what is going on right now. Enjoy now and tomorrow will reward you with more of life to enjoy. There is plenty of time. Time is an illusion anyway :-O

Love is the only thing that is real.

Make time for love, throw away your watch. -- jb


  1. Dear Jeff, I have read this three times now and every time I read it, I think: "Wow, I wish I'd written that. It is SO perfect. He wrote the deepest words that live in my heart" And I don't mean just the writing style, which you excel at, but the beauty of it's content as if it came straight from the gods. It did, and right through your beautiful open heart. There is a quality to all your writing that I have not seen anywhere else. You cut right to the core of truth. And for me truth is LOVE, PEACE and LOVE again. That's it.

    You have found a deep peace in yourself, which I relate to completely. You have made peace with yourself, Life and the world in which you life, and it is reflected in everything you write and do. It is so singularly beautiful that every time I come here to read a deep calm washes over me and I know who I am and why I am in the world.

    I want you to know that what you express here is a truth that I too feel and live by. I am deeply grateful that you have shared this. That you feel and live this makes my world so much more real and vast. In being you, you affirm my life and soul path. Thank you from my heart for that. Robin

    I have to stumble this as it soooo important.

  2. Dear Robin,

    Once more, thank you for your words. The encouragement you offer is so powerful that I feel like I am somehow already an accomplished writer.

    One day I will be and I will give you credit for helping me when I feel that it is all so futile, and no one reads this rambling peace business anyway.

    Peace and Love to you and your husband. I hope you are both much better. -- jb

  3. This post reminded me of Eckhart Tolle's book 'the power of now.' "There is no time, there is only now." Good book, worth reading.
    This also reminded me of 'the law of attraction' and hey, you might as well 'accept everything' and have a positive attitude, no point in having a bad one. ^.^

  4. Attitude is important... no one wants to hear another whining about life. It is to be enjoyed, savored, appreciated.

    Nice to meet you Acolyte Tao. Thanks for dropping in.

  5. this post spoke to me in many ways. live. be free. live well. live happy. question. thirst. dream. act. let go.

    "enjoy now and tomorrow will reward you with more of life to enjoy."

    such simple, yet profound advice.

    when we have achieved this, we will truly appreciate our rewards.

  6. Hey, great post and so, so, true :-)

    Thanks, (I am off to read some more of your posts.)

    Very best wishes
    Susannah :-)


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