How To Begin To Overcome Any Problem

Before you begin to think that this is just another how-to post, think again. Let me state that I never pretend to have the right answer. I have my own experiences to rely on, and in the case of this post, on this night ;) let me just say that I have come to believe that the solution to any and every problem we face already exists within us :O

The Deepest Place

It exists in that place deep within us that is outside of anyone else's absolute knowing. It is indeed a collective place on the level of consciousness, while at the same time remaining that private, inner place that we all possess. Who do you think you've been talking to all this time? Do you get it? Have you thought about it?

Think. About. It.

There is no need to look outward (out there), to look to others for the answers to the questions that you already know the answers to. Be honest with yourself. Think. About. It.

We Don't Need No Drama.

Most of us can see (if we're honest) that we create the drama that permeates our otherwise peaceful existence. We lose it, and sometimes we make things worse than they are. But we can cut the whole crazy process short by consciously choosing to reduce our own need for rightness. We can simply allow everyone to have whatever opinion they have. I want my opinion to mean something. That's ok. You want your opinion to mean something. That's ok, too. I want to be understood. You want to be understood. We want to be understood. It's ok.

Think. About. It.

My God! Just the collective recognition that we all have a voice, and we choose to make things as they are seems to me to be enough reason to get together and see what our collective wisdom can produce in the way of solutions... but we are here to talk about problems not really being problems at all; aren't we? Can we refer to problems, then, as growth opportunities?

Growth Opportunities

How we see ourselves within a given situation is important. It is good to have a healthy view of self before we attempt to overcome something. We don't have to be a mystic or possess the ability to regurgitate the wise words of our favorite sage either. We need only take a moment to be quiet and listen to our own heart. Really listen.

Sit as comfortably as possible and calm your mind. Prayerfully allow the other voices in your mind to dim so you can begin to hear the Voice that is good and true. Don't make fun of this unless you've actually tried it and have a better idea.

God is always speaking, we just don't always listen.

Praying is praying. But there has to be some faith in the prayer. The idea here is to change the way you see the issue you are facing. Don't look at your perceived problem; see the solution. See the truth of your situation. Nothing is hopeless. Everything is possible. Prayerfully and actively visualize the current thing as being the way that would be better for you, and hold that image -- as you see it, not as you have heard it described by others. Believe that it can be the way you see it. Then... let it go.

Let It Go.

Once you let go of it and give it to God, you have sent the clearest possible signal that you are at peace with your current state, and you are ready to get up, get out, and get on with living this wonderful life instead of worrying.

Ask, receive, but for Hope's sake believe. For it is the believing that makes it possible to overcome. We are not alone in this journey. We are never alone.

You Are Never Alone.

Believing is critical to success in overcoming our issues of incompleteness, separation, lack, failure, etc. There is nothing that can stop you when you believe. Believe in yourself. I believe in you. And I love you.

Peace -- jb


  1. Jeff, your description of how to "let go and let God," as I've heard it said, is the clearest outline of how to actually do it that I've ever heard. Not just the prayerful part---ALL of it, this entire post, every sentence. Where were you about 15 years ago. ;)

  2. Hi Julie... haha, 15 years ago I was still looking for me.

    Letting it go feels so good. Take care -- jb


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