There's Only One World

At least as far as we know right now. The point being, we can continue finding fault with them ... the other party, the other religion, even the other denomination or affiliation, OR we can decide to take responsibility for ourselves and start working on solutions to our perceived differences.

There is No Them

The mere thought that we are separate and apart from each other is a root cause for our divisiveness. This world is a splendid place in which to live, and our cooperation and reconciliation with each person we interact with can bring healing and dissolve our illusion of separateness.

What a Wonderful World

Today the sky is a beautiful blue with wispy cirrus clouds drifting lazily by. As I sit and take it all in, I am conscious of the stirring in my own heart for peaceful coexistence with all of Life. I am amazed at the treasures this world offers me and I am grateful for the opportunity to live relatively free from strife. (The wind just picked up as if in agreement.)

What Can I Do?

I have the opportunity to view the world today as it has always been intended to be seen from the start. I can choose today to see them as I wish to be seen. Not as the other, but as one of us. We are One. It may take some effort to get to the point of being in agreement with that statement, however as soon as we change the way we see the world, the world we see will change. Be Peace.

I love you. -- jeff


  1. We've all been blessed with the gift of life along with the beauty of the universe. It's time we embrace it with gratitude.

    People need to be validated and revered.

    Love your posts, Jeff

  2. The illusion of separateness is illusion. did a little YouTube video short on this if you have time to check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLPu6k0EWyY

    One Love


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