Everywhere I Go, There I Am

Friends leave. Sometimes there is no other way. They may choose to leave for various reasons -- job change, death, or sometimes they just run away. Whatever the reason, whatever the purpose, what remains is always the same -- I.

I am.

I am, no matter what happens to my circumstances. Happiness is not found outside of me. If I rely on relationships (or anything else) to bolster my happiness factor, I am forgetting my right to choose. I know I talk about this a lot, but it is so worth repeating:

Happiness is a choice; not something you get.

I observe and I learn. I am learning the art of being me, and it as simple as a choice. All my life I've been searching. That's what I do. Today I am reminded me that I have discovered enough through the years to be, do, and have anything I choose. The Spirit which is in all things, and emits the Love that underpins all that exists is alive and well in me, and my happiness is found there.


Because of Love, I am able to love. I choose it knowing full well that It chose me first. I am. And everywhere I go, whether alone or with friends, there I will be found. And I am here. Right here, right now. I am a little more awake today, and the sun shone a little brighter today. It is this type of perspective on Life that guides me in the way that is best suited for me. I am a lucky man, and I know it. Thanks for reading :) and may peace fill your soul.

I love you. -- jb


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

  2. thanks for sharing jeff. made breathing easier!

  3. And everywhere I go, there I am as well. Good luck on sorting things out by talking. I've been trying to talk to someone - anyone - for quite some time now. Ever feel depressed and lonely and have a desire for company but no desire to talk or make nice? Yep. That's me. I can find beauty in my children's eyes, in the wings of a butterfly, and in the colors of a sunset. I can appreciate life and all it has to offer but somehow it's not for me. I'm completely disappointed being me. And everywhere I go, there I am - again.

  4. I wish I knew what to say to that.

    If you want to talk, we can do it here... anonymously. I have been to the bottom and made it back, and I want to help you feel better (or you can just vent) if you're willing.


  5. Good to find others who have arrived : ) everywhere i go , there i am too ! life is a journey, not a destination ....awake to all you are , your Beautiful love in motion.....i found this same place just this year. and i have not felt alone since. good luck stay awake , peace


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