Contrast is Calling

If it were not for contrast in our experiences, would we have the capability of recognizing just how good Life really is? This may seem a strange question at first glance. However, being confronted with change, which is simply contrast -- or opposites as others put it -- we are offered opportunities to consider things from a different perspective, and this equates to growth potential.

But Please Pay Attention!

Bloggers come from all walks of life, and I have been given a larger world view completely free of charge just by being open to what they write about. In the same way, being open to change lessens resistance to growth, and we find that we flow more naturally with the current of Life. I have found that it is much more enjoyable than swimming upstream! And the key is the awareness that change is not intended to hurt me.

Stop Fighting Change.

Allow. I did not say tolerate. Tolerance screams, "I still disapprove!" Allowing simply allows. No fighting. No judgement. In much the same way we are guided through this life by a benevolent Love, we can more easily maneuver the maze-like "obstacles" we sometimes face by just letting go of the desire to control.

Desire is good. Control is dangerous.

Would you rather win, or would you rather offer love? Do you prefer being right over being open? Do you even think about it?

Think. About. It.

Do something ridiculously kind for someone in need today. And do it for no other reason except to experience the contrast of otherwise pretending to be too busy to see them.

There is no them, and I love you! -- jb


  1. hi jeff, Your not a christian because you deny the doctrine of Christ. Your teaching another Jesus, another gospel and another spirit. You deny the divinity of Christ, the Godhead, everlasting fire for the lost. Seek Jesus and repent and you can be saved. Till Bort

  2. Jeff says God isn't a God of wrath? All Christians are looking for a new heaven and earth in which righteousness dwells (2 Pet. 3:10-13). During the future Day of the Lord God is going to destroy sinners with His wrath and burn up this earth (Isa. 13:9-11). Jesus will deliver His elect from this wrath.

  3. Hey Bort. aka Paul --

    Your phone doesnt't work or are you just the coward you appear to be? God will show his love even to you if you will wake up from your angry demeanor. You probably pray that he "will not tarry" so he can be sure to burn me up along with all the other people you hate. Get a real life old man and seek forgiveness for your hatred and maybe even you will live to see the new heaven and the new earth... lol. You are a weak man, and an embarrassement to Christ. Bring it on evil one (verses 11 and 12 :-)

    You have no idea what you're saying and I can assure you that I will not stop just because you have turned your arrows on me. Hate mongers like you will never experience the heaven Jesus spoke of.

    This isn't some chat room where you are free to drop your vile judgement. This is America. If you don't agree with my view, so be it. You're not an idiot, so don't act like one. Move on dude.


Have any thoughts on this post? I'd really love to hear from you. Be Peace, Make Peace -- jb