Love's Will Be Done

I often speak of love and things related, and while I am no stranger to it, Love is a mystery waiting to be unraveled. I allow music and the gift of the artist to assist me in that unraveling. In fact...

I am a music freak.

I find solace in knowing that there exists an artist who has the unmistakable gift of reading our hearts, and producing a work of art by which to prove it. Eddie K. of the band LIVE has a special way of expressing things. This song says so much, so well that I wanted to just share it.

I know one or two of you have already heard this song, but indulge a romantic and give it a listen just once more. This "official" video was done by a young man who entered a contest held by the LIVE fan club to actually create a visual for their fans who have raved over the lyrics. It is shot in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The scenery is surreal, nearly perfect, and the words... well the words are haunting. Allow yourself to go with Eddie as he, once more, says it just so...


I love you. -- jb


  1. "Love is a mystery waiting to be unraveled." Great line...David Wilcox fan?

  2. Listened to it. Not my kind of music but I can appreciate that you appreciate it. I also love how artists can capture our emotions to a t.

    Bands that do that for me are: Bright Eyes and Nine Inch Nails. Like 'em?

  3. Hey Tiger. I've been on the road and a bit behind on my comments :)

    Thanks for stopping by. I am not familiar with David Wilcox. I sit to write, and the stuff comes out. I may have heard it somewhere and recalled. Most likely tho, a case of synchronicity.



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