It All Starts With Me

Don't look outward

for the answer

to the dilemna.

The answer lies inside.

Don't look at others

for a place to point the blame.

There is no one to blame.

Looking outside

instead of going within

is an ego thing anyway.

It all starts with me.

I am the interpreter

of my experience.

I am the creator

of my reality.

It all starts with me.

It's not all about me.

It just all starts with me.




What do I see?

What am I looking for?

How will this day

be described

when it's done?

Whether good

or bad,

it's up to me.

My focus

is on improving me.

I look inside

to see the real me.


it all starts with me.

I look inside

where no mask

can disguise

the real me.

No pretending.

No defending.

No mind game.


In the midst of me.

In the deep place.

That's where the truth,

my truth resides.

Deep inside

I know that...

it all starts with me.


Who am I?


  1. Really good thought, one I really needed to hear right now. I'm reading your earlier posts and I gotta say they are really encouraging and thought provoking.

  2. Jeffrey, that's beautiful. You have such a gift. Keep writing!


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