Move Your Mountain

It's too close to mine:)

Jesus Christ taught that we have the power to move mountains through prayer. By mountains, I like to think he was including life's many obstacles. We seem to have more than our share these days but the question is:

What are we going to do about our circumstances if things are not like we want them?

When I was a child I thought that if I closed my eyes I would become invisible. Well I have tried that as an adult, and it doesn't work all that well. I have tried praying, and it seems that even praying doesn't eliminate my mountains.

For the last few days I have really tried to come to grips with the instability of things... you know, here today gone tomorrow, or piles of bills, or the illnesses of our loved ones. I am certain that we all can relate to some of these things. I am almost equally as certain that many of us are not able to move our mountains in such a way as to feel relief.

Why is that?

For me it begins with my own ability to see beyond my circumstances. It is a faith issue to a large degree, and no matter how much we may be on our knees, if we don't believe that things will improve, chances are they are not going to.

I have challenged myself to be more content with the instability of others. I only control me, and I can be steady on my own if that is how it needs to be. I can only pay what I can pay so if my bills are in the way of my peace, I can spend less and save more. Things are never as bad as they seem. While my family is pretty healthy, I have a dear one who is not doing so well. I can't heal her or I would. I can't even maker her feel better with my words. I can however just sit and be with her. Sometimes words aren't a necessary element in the art of loving another.

Beloved, you can move your mountain. And you can begin by changing the way you see your situation. By changing the way you see things, things begin to change.

I love you... and LUVWRX. Believe it!


  1. I read something recently that conveyed when peace is within, it radiates to the outside...

  2. So good to hear from you via Jeff Baker Talks! I hope that you are doing well. We miss you brother!!! JB


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