Well, so what?

Ever had one of those days when everything goes really, really well?

I have had that kind of day and I started thinking: So what?

So what?

Think of all the days that we have had that we categorized as bad. What's the difference?

Well, for me it all starts as I am waking up and gathering my world. This is where daily choices begin. Do I choose life or do I choose death. You can replace those words with whatever floats your boat... happy/sad, grouchy/cheerful, etc... it doesn't matter how we phrase it. The fact is, we choose everything. I guess I chose to have a really, really good day today.

So, you might say, "JB, that's too much of an oversimplification." So what? It's my blog... just kidding. But we do choose, man. It's the most beautiful thing when you stop and think about it. It's like saying, "I am the master of my universe. It is up to me." And if you said that, you'd be right!

When you have a rotten day, what do you do? Look for someone to blame? The guy who cut you off in traffic; your kid who left the bigass truck outside your bedroom door that you tripped over; God; your wife; your boss... get the picture? We like to blame. It takes the attention away from me and my actions. ok... I'm rambling.

Here's the deal -- Even if your day starts out on the wrong foot, stop! Don't let another second pass until you remind yourself that everything else about your day will be a result of how you react to the start of your day. You have the power to ignore the illusion of a bad day and choose to make the day what you want it to be. Unless you want to have a bad day, in which case I am certain that you need to visit a different blog. :-)

My friends, I have convinced myself that if I start my day with love for myself, the guy that will cut me off in traffic, my kid (he's actually away at college so I need a different example here), God, my wife...(they're not one in the same), my boss (I don't have one but you might, so the example is sound), whomever!!! -- If I start each day from LOVE, there is a really good chance that the world can change "in the blink of an eye."

Put that in your pipe and smoke it -- peace for now.


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