All is well... really it is.

I have a Facebook page and I do a little thought for the day ramble. As I was writing, I had the passing temptation to just copy it over to today's blog, grab a beer, find a cool spot for my skinny butt, and let the world fade away.

Anyway, did you know that all is well? Do you worry? Do you suffer from anxiety about the unknown? Would you believe me if I told you that you don't have to live that way?

Uh, you don't have to live that way.

Life is complex enough without the added burden of all our fears being projected out into it. There simply is nothing to fear, and the sooner we all get our minds wrapped around that truth, the sooner the world will be a much nicer place in which to live.

All our thoughts become the things that we experience, so happy thoughts make it easier to maneuver through this life with joy. I have had responses to that kind of thinking that I can't repeat here, (mean people need love too) but suffice it to say, some people seem to really enjoy their misery. I choose to be happy, and when I do, life is much better. I choose to be happy first and then the products of my thoughts don't trap, trick or distract me from my purpose.

I don't have time to wait to be happy. As soon as my ship comes in, or as soon as I lose 10 pounds, or as soon as he changes his ways, then I will be happy. No!

Choose to be happy. It is a good choice, not to mention a healthy one... speaking of happy, I just got a call from my son, Brandon. He is about to enter his junior year at the University of Alabama. He has taught me as much about choosing to be happy as anyone I know. It comes naturally for him, and I just love the man for his wisdom and his infectious smile.

Writing all this has made me happy. And just a little thirsty.

Peace to you, love for you, happy thoughts about you. -- jb

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  1. I loved your post Jeff! We all know it but it is always good to hear again and be reminded ever so gently that all really is well! If we all just projected happiness, acceptance, joy, peace and love instead of fear, guilt, shame, bitterness, blame etc. etc. we would all live so much better and it would be so much easier for us!

    Thanks Again Jeff!!


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