Mondays are ok too... aren't they?

Mondays are ok too... aren't they? So, why is it that we give Monday's such a bad wrap? I don't get it. I have come to look forward to things that challenge me, and Mondays just don't mean anything special to me. It could be because I own my own business... well, actually my beautiful wife Cornelia owns her own business and she kindly allows me to work with her. :-)

As a result of this economic freedom, I have come to appreciate Mondays just like Saturday or Wednesday. All days are potentially miraculous and being an eternal optimist, I prefer to be expectant. And I don't expect Monday to be any different from any other day I've been given.

You may be asking yourself, where are you going with this? If I knew that, I wouldn't blog. I have learned that my blogging is a desire for dialogue, so other than that, why even talk about a Monday? I just want to talk. I want to listen. I want to help others with issues that are of concern for them and be a part of the AHA! moment that is sure to come when 2 or more are gathered together.

Have you ever come across someone and had a "feeling" that you should speak to them? Have you ever wondered what was really going on behind your friend's eyes when they made that comment? What did they really mean? Did you ask?

We walk around in the midst of people and we have our head down with our ipod turned way up, feeding our minds with whatever our current interest is, and we miss our chances... chances to interact, chances to be available, chances to make a person feel valued. You may not care, but I wish you did.

It is almost certain that when you walk around in the midst of this mass of humanity with your eyes and ears open, you will have the opportunity to participate in some form of communication. Smile, nod, bow, open a door, lift a bag, wave, reach down, say yes to "them" instead of no.

So, lift up your head, turn off the babbling, open your eyes and see, open your ears and hear. There are many ways to be a part of the human family. Have you ever given it any thought? Do you care?

Well? Come on, man... think about it!

So for those that detest rambling as much as I, let's leave this discussion open...

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