Self aggrandizement... for sure.

But please indulge me. I am trying to gain exposure for my blog and I have taken the liberty of asking for your help in that intention... All I am asking is this: If you get anything from reading these journals, will you recommend them to someone? Here is a copy of the content of my home page at http://www.jeffbakertalks.com/. It is unfinished except for a few pages and including it here simply provides some insight into my mind. I blog for interaction, not to see my own thoughts on a monitor. I like reading commentary after posting my ramblings so we can get to know one another's thoughts. You and I are not alone in our search for answers. I am always looking for truth, so make comments. You may prove to be the one holding the key to an answer for me. :)

From my home page:

If you are reading these words, you are searching for answers. If you are searching for answers, you are not alone.

You are not alone.

If you're like me, questions come naturally. Answers... well, that may be a different story. I search. I really and truly do. It's not that I am skeptical. I'm sure you're not either. :) -- it's more like we have a certain sensitivity. There are definite paths to gaining understanding, and I believe life offers us many lessons. I have found that I can only truly teach when I am open to learning. For me, experience has proven to be my greatest teacher. I have come to recognize the events in my life as products of the thoughts I have been thinking. Maybe I think too much. With this in mind, it is my desire to share my story.

We all have one you know -- a story.

It is our story that helps define us. It is our story that helps others understand how we came to be who we are.... the way we are. It's not that we are our bodies or our experiences. We are definitely not those things or any other thing. But each of us has specific memories burned into our psyches. We all see through the lens of our past experiences. There is no need to regret any of it. We can use all of the building blocks of the past to make today better. We are not our past. The past is gone, the future has yet to arrive. All we have is now... and it is to be recognized as a most-cherished gift. That is why NOW is called the Present.

Keep this thought in mind: "I Am who I Am and I have a story to tell." Believe it! And when you begin to think about it and put together your story in order to tell it, you actually learn more about your true self. That is the purpose of Jeff Baker Talks.com, and I hope you will benefit from the insights explored here. In sharing our ideas and our stories, we can grow together.

It is my desire to discuss topics that affect us all. I believe there are alternative approaches to finding answers to the questions that burn in us. All that is required is an open mind, an appetite for more, and a genuine desire to attain that which you seek.

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  1. I agree with you. I blog for comments, for advice, for someone to shed some light on some personal experience that I can't seem to shed any light on. I don't assume that I am right in my thinking and try to always look for others points of view--sometimes I may not take them, but I can't not consider them once I've read them. Whether to incorporate it into my own thinking or to discount it and to know why. When I blog, it's just my life story--just like what you said. Sometimes it's funny but most of the time it's sad or angry. I think we all need that in some way or another, and the technology has finally expanded to let those of us who are searching to reach outside our circle. Looking forward to future posts and your thoughts. I love the feedburner idea. I'm a relative newbie blogger so that it is cool!


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