ask me that again...

Have you ever talked to yourself?

Well, I know you have because we all do. So, have you ever wondered who was actually talking; like, whose voice were you really hearing; how many voices were speaking; how many potential perspectives were available? I mean: Who's asking, who's listening, and then who's observing the whole event? Am I asking or listening or answering? Am I the observer? If not me... who?


Oh, by the way, that is not the subject of this blog... lol. These questions are sort of rhetorical (forgive me), but worth thinking about. So, why don't you do that (think) and then let me know what you think. Drop me a line at -- hearme@jeffbakertalks.com -- You can say anything except that Jeff Baker is crazy. It may seem unbelievable, but the above-described event takes place every day with a whole host of people. Ask around...

If we don't experience something like it, it's not because it isn't possible. In fact, if we're not experiencing some kind of connection or communication with that deepest part of ourselves, maybe we are not aware that we can. I am not writing about the opportunity for dialogue today.

This particular blog is because of the everdayness of the dialogue with self...

So basically, I'm in my truck making a delivery to one of my clients who works downtown. I'm in for a 4o-minute-round-trip-quasi-meditative drive (you like that?) if traffic cooperates. Normally, as I drive, I spend the quiet moments repeating affirmations to myself to keep my mind clear. By the way, doing that does qualify as talking to myself. But what are affirmations you ask?

Affirmations are short, simple, positive statements we repeat to ourselves in order to stay focused and not fall prey to the internal babbling that can potentially take place in the minds of each of us on a daily basis. I especially like to use my affirmations when I am facing something challenging in my life. :-O

I use two very specific ones because of the positive results I have experienced over time. They are: I am the master of my thoughts, and I am the master of my life.
Well, today, immediately after I breathe the words "I'm the master of my life," things just sort of, well, they just unfolded. I didn't have a voice recorder so, I called my trusting wife, Cornelia (she normally doesn't think I'm crazy), and asked her to type the conversation, some of which had already taken place, the majority happening as she listened.

Let me caution you here to not discount too heavily what you're about to read. Scepticism can be healthy, I know. At the same time, as I have said, there exist certain natural laws that cannot be dismissed. The fact that our Creator desires to communicate with us is such a law. So, it follows, that hearing voices doesn't make me any crazier than you might think I am when I'm not having these conversations. As you read what happened, you will discover that I am not claiming to be unique. I am as normal as I know how to be. In my mind, this was no special event.

I did not choose to have this happen, but it does happen when and if you want it to. It is helpful to desire guidance from God, or Source, OR Whatever. (I hate labels.) I do desire guidance very, very much, and I believe that moments of divine inspiration occur to help us deal with certain events taking place in our lives. I am in the process of experiencing one of those type events and I am very open.

So this is what happened an hour ago --

I say, "I am the master of my life."
A voice (mine?) asked the question, "So then why do things seem so out of control?"
A voice asked, "What are you trying to control?"

A voice commented, "I guess 'control' is the wrong word."
A voice then asked, "You used the word 'control,' what did you (who?) mean?"
Then I believe Wisdom entered into the conversation: "You're trying to master your life, not control your life, right?"
So the logical question was asked, "What is the difference?"

At that point, I heard, "When you master the art of living your life, realizing that you cannot control anything, you have indeed mastered your life. Yes, you have much influence regarding outcomes, but you do not have control nor do you want to be in control. You are here to enjoy your life and, in the process, master the living of this lifetime. When you become contented enough that you no longer desire control, you are at the beginning of realizing who you really are.

Forget control; become a master.

Control says, 'I must have it a certain way or I cannot be happy;' the master says, 'I control nothing, I can handle anything, and I am happy in all things.'"

The next question came: "How then do I know that I am mastering my life?"

A voice: "Son, you will know you are mastering your life when: love flows effortlessly, no matter your circumstance; when instead of blaming, you instinctively choose to forgive; when the need to judge someone is replaced with the understanding that ALL are deserving of my attention, compassion, time, energy, support, and love -- equally."


If you still refer to anyone as "them," you may just be one yourself.

Peace to you, love for you, happy thoughts about you. -- jb

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