Where are you going?

"where are you going?"

i've seen you here before
with that look in your eyes
so tired of not knowing
still hurt by the lies

i've heard you before
questioning the words
of the rulers that be
spreading fear
spreading hurt

where are you going?
do you even care?

round and round
and round you go
who knows where

my friend
i've got great news
stop all your looking
take off your shoes

sit awhile with me
and i will share with you
the love i've found
a love that is true

the kind of love
that lets me be me

that bears
all my hurt
all my shame

set me free...

i've seen your face
shadow covering it all
heart downcast, oh my soul

listen to his call --

where are you going?

can you hear the words --

where are you going?


come to me
you who are bruised

come to me
all that feel used

come to me
give you rest
give you truth --

come to me, come to me, come to me...

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  1. Incredible... I loved it! I can't wait to read more tomorrow!!!


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