Who is my neighbor?

Happy Friday! If you've been following this blog from the outset, then you know that I have a big issue with exclusion. Oh yeah, I have been excluded but that's ok, my skin is a little thick. I blog some about the term "them" and how we are all touched by this powerfully descriptive word. Today I'm talking about the verb "exclude" and how we all participate in its energy. There may be times when we are aware of it, but at other times it seems to be some sort of auto-load program that just kicks in as a result of some long-held belief. It could simply be our upbringing. Whatever it is, and in spite of our effort to ascend and grow in love, we unknowingly fall into an automatic response mode when confronted with anyone that does not meet, even an unspoken, criterion or condition that we have already set in our minds. When we take place in the experience of judging someone for some reason, the act of exclusion takes place. The really sad thing is that it takes place in our hearts because suddenly we get a case of amnesia in the head. We forget how it feels to be left out and so we do it to someone. How I wish it were not so.

Now, I am not Jeff Baker Psychic. I am Jeff Baker Talks, so I am only speaking/talking from my observations. If you have never excluded, left out, ignored, or snubbed anyone, then I am humbled that you are reading this blog and I insist that you immediately inform me of the source of your secret power -- just kidding -- sort of. I'm certain I don't personally know of anyone that has never done it... but I am nearly equally as certain that most of us have been on the receiving end of it and we know it sucks!

Were it possible (it is not only possible, it is inevitable) -- but even if it was only a remote possibility that we could all remember a truth each time we encounter another person, I believe the world would change in that instant. Now, this may sound like a ramble, and if it does, it's because this is on my mind continually. I am sick of myself and the way I have conditioned my mind to filter people. Some call this profiling. It's not important what we call it. What is important is that we become aware of it and stop it.

Here's a truth: Each person alive today is who they are because of the things they have experienced even up to the very point that their path converges with yours. You are who you are for the very same reason. Of course, you already know this about yourself, right? You do know that you have evolved into the one that others observe by encountering the things you've encountered along your life's journey. You also know that by applying what you've "learned," you now view Every Thing through that specific lens. Agreed?

So, you're walking along and someone with a gas can walks up and tells you they need some money for gas. Their car is stranded up the road. This person has a funny odor and bad teeth. They're dressed shabbily, and they definitely missed out when God was handing out the best skin color. You suspect they are lying anyway so why did God let this horrible situation occur in the first place? Whoa child of God. Remember, you just met another child of God, and they are only the way they are because. So if I'm you, my only appropriate response is to allow that person to be who they are in that moment. Of course, I give them some money. There is never a question of the other's worth, so in a time of need I am honored to help out. Who knows? I might need help one day. I am not judging. I am allowing. For clarity purposes, I am not referring to tolerance. I can tolerate someone and still look down my big nose at them.

However, if I hold in my mind that all any of us really wants is to be loved and accepted just like we are, and like I do, then I can truly allow "them" to be them and I can be me. If we look through the lens of love at each other, we can only see God. Now who would not want to help God out with a little gas money?

Think. About. It.

Peace to them, love for them, including thoughts about them. They are us. And God bless us each and every One. -- jb

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