i see a world
where no one lies,
no one tries
to cover my eyes

and keep me from the truth

i see a life
where there's no strife
only barney fife's
nip it in the bud reply

before you hide the truth

dont sell me that
its tit for tat
you're not where its at
and i forgot your name

you are not the one

i thought i knew
the truth of you
but now we're through
gone so soon?

so i forgot your name


you are not the one

i see a world where
people live and die with grace
karmic ocean dried up
leaves no trace

but for now
you are not the one

yet we are all one

we are all one
no matter what you've done

we are all one



  1. The truth is we are the Child of God.When we look at each other that way we all have the same name. Love the post, have a blessed day.

  2. Ohhhh Jeffery . . . this caused a letting go in me today that I've needed to have for a very very long time. Make-up's all gone now. Thanks so much for your honesty. Much love.


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