2008 Summer Olympics

I watched part of the closing ceremony last night for the 2008 Summer Olympics that took place in Beijing. I was completely blown away by the beauty and grace of what I beheld. That imagery was encapsulated in a moment for me that I will hold on to forever. There were other moments that held me spellbound as well, and in general, I came away with a renewed feeling of hope for what I believe is inevitable -- world peace.

One of the commentators spoke of it at the close of the broadcast and he said it so well, it led to this post. The sheer magnitude of what the Olympics can offer the world in terms of an idea of what world peace can look like is compelling. Just think about the diversity represented during the past two weeks and the ways our various nations and cultures integrated into a collective model of humanity. Where have we ever been presented with such an exemplary case study in successful human relations?

I don't know about you, but I am convinced that the world is a better place than we see represented on television news shows. I know the world is not a happy place for some of us and my optimism is not some misguided attempt at making an argument with anyone about the state of the world. I just feel good about our prospects in spite of what some may say.

Call me crazy and I might just agree with you. Most, if not all, of the people down through history who ever spoke of world peace as a real possibility were called crazy... or they were killed. We, as humans, sometimes do act crazy, but I feel that the craziness is in believing that peace is impossible. Nothing is impossible and I expect that we will all be one step closer to real peace once we see the possibility of it.

What I witnessed during this recent Olympic event was only possible because people believed that it could be done. So many people, so many venues, so much logistical preparation, so much effort by so many... it was something that I will always remember. So many individuals committed to the vision of the larger purpose. Wow.

If we were to decide to commit to the larger purpose, in cooperation with what God is already doing, that purpose being the creation of a planet filled with love, the world as we know it today would change "in the blink of an eye." It doesn't take a high-profile hero like Michael Phelps to create the change, it takes regular everyday heroes like you and me.

The world needs more heroes. Decide to be one today.

Peace -- jb


  1. I don't even need world peace... I'd settle for a unified body of Christ... I trade a lot for that. And thanks, now I can't get "Give Peace a Chance" out of my head.

  2. How refreshing...your thoughts should stir us all to action. In a "blink of the eye" we can all participate in the hope of peace by one simple, very old command-love. Wouldn't it be great to know a few more heroes?

  3. Hi Jeff,

    I missed the closing ceremony, but I did see the opening one. Olympic opening ceremonies have been one of the few times my wife and I watch television.

    I think people think world peace is some idealistic, grandiose idea because they think we have to change the world. Well, we do, but not by tackling that, right off the bat. I firmly believe that what each of us must do is to live a peaceful life ourselves. And raise a peaceful family. Once that's more or less secure, then we can start to extend that by sharing how we do it, and maybe getting involved in the surrounding community. And maybe a few of us who are really excited about the challenge can take on bigger scopes -- but only after the foundation of personal peace is securely established.

    People may be surprised how much effort it takes to make one person live peacefully. It's ambitious enough project already, by itself. But we just need to strive to apply it to ourselves and our immediate surroundings. If everybody did that, then we'll have world peace.


  4. Let there be peace, and let it begin in me. Thank you for the reminder. One act at a time. Peace and Love!

  5. Ari,

    Welcome back!

    You have such a beautiful way of expressing your thoughts. I really appreciate you taking the time to share them with me and the few seekers who have found my blog. My deepest desire in my life is to have more discussion about the good things and the true things that really matter. Discussions that might cause one to become aware that they can attain their own personal peace by simply choosing to receive it -- the peace that dwells within -- usually hidden under piles of hurt and pain. Just by remembering that before I speak has resulted in a more peaceful existence for me.

    You are correct that attempting to force someone to be peaceful is a waste of good energy... energy that could be used more wisely in simple self reflection. Honest self reflection, along with non-judgement towards what we discover in the process, is healthy for us. There is no condemnation and we need not feel any. And when that fact hits us and our self reflection leads us to our own peace, we can then move outward in love. You are also correct that at that point, world peace is.

    Peace is my daily mantra, along with thank you of course :) I have much to be thankful for and peace within myself is the most important gift I have ever received. I realize it more each day.

    Peace to you my new friend. You have blessed me and I Bless You, as well as the God in you. -- jb

  6. Hi Jeff - I think peace is possible and also that the world is not in as much trouble as it can appear.

    I also think we can bring about change by being heroes ourselves - and concentrating on our own "world", if necessary. Cheers!

  7. Salamat sa sinulat mo, kaibigan. Dahil diyan ay hindi ko panghininayangan ang sandaling ginugol sa pagdalaw sa iyong blog dahil ako naman ay biniyayaan nito ng panibagong lakas at pag-asa.
    (Thank you for what you wrote, my friend. Because of it, I will never regret every moment spent on your blog because I have just been blessed with positive energy and hope)

    Thanks again, Sir...

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