Resubmission and revised version of the original - Part 2

This is yet another extension of the original post which was submitted earlier this month. The first extension of it is here if you want to catch up with me. In order to keep growing, I like to revisit my thoughts and see if I am getting anywhere :)

Funny coincidence that we just returned from New York. My wife and I love to travel and we even have many opportunities to travel with our work. This was a business trip that caused me to miss two days of posting :/ and, at the same time, gave me inspiration to live out my blog. I love the way things can become synchronized for us when we sincerely seek out the good in this wonderful life we get to live. Have you ever noticed the messages that are being sent to you through unusual avenues?

I have been reading lately about the 11:11 "phenomenon." I use the term a little loosely because it isn't really any kind of special or supernatural event to see the clock reading a particular time. Think about it. When you bought your last car, did you suddenly notice all of the identical models that began mysteriously appearing on the roads? How about the new outfit or the new hairstyle? I want to get you to understand that we are always going to see what we are looking for.

I have days when the clock talks to me to be sure. I am really into synchronicity. I also have come to understand that this is just a very small example of being in tune with what is going on around me. Awareness is the key. I think that when we begin to experience anything that causes us to pause and take note, what is actually happening is the fine tuning required of us in order to advance our ability to see.

Stop. Look. Listen. The Creator is always communicating with creation. I may not have the honor of seeing my son everyday but I see him in my spirit and I know that it is because we are tuned in to each other. I am communicating my love for him having never spoken a word. I am in synch with Brandon because he is my "creation" -- if you get my meaning.

Today, I am being constantly reminded of God's love for me by the things that are coming into my line of sight. I am looking for that communication because of the positive impact it has on me... especially during those times when I really need it. I know that I am not alone. I am never alone. I know it. Do you?

May you have eyes to see what you are looking for, and may what you are looking for provide you with everything you need to help others see more clearly. They are our responsibility as well. May you come to know and believe that the communicating that takes place in your private world is, by design, God talking directly to you. May you come to understand that if a clock is talking to you, you are in synch! And that means all is well. So...

Get up, get out, and get on with your life and your synchronization. Know that you are not alone and know that God is really pulling for you. So am I. Peace -- jb

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