Why worry?

Do you worry? Do you doubt? Do you forward think into a potential future? Do you unnecessarily cripple your happiness factor for right NOW by allowing your thoughts to trick you into believing the projection of what might be? Well, don't do it anymore :)

Sounds easy doesn't it? In fact, if you have the ability to project a future of uncertainty, one that makes you anxious or fearful, then you possess the same power to project a future that is desirable. Do that instead!

Whenever you find yourself worrying about something, it's ok to remain in the awareness of the issue, just recreate it in your mind as having the outcome you prefer. You can do this if you practice and you will find that your outer expression will reflect your inner peace. Now, I am not suggesting that we stick our heads in the sand whenever life throws us a curve ball and pretend to be ok. Never pretend. I am telling you that you can become the master of your thoughts and you can have real joy even in the midst of the storm... just by choosing it.

It can seem like a futile effort, especially when the storm is so big, but you can do it if you believe that you can. Sort of move thoughtfully into another dimension of the reality that you are experiencing and even go as far as to thank God for the positive results, even if your situation appears hopeless. We are not alone in our struggles. We are never alone.

We have the entire Universe at our disposal and I firmly believe... no, I am convinced that when I sincerely want something to happen, and I believe that it is possible, AND I am willing to act as though it were already a reality, God is as willing as I am to see it come to fruition. I also can tell you from my own experience that God will move heaven and earth on our behalf when we are real about our stuff and remain hopeful and faithful in spite of the appearance of hopelessness.

God is good. Life is good. You are good. And you are worthy of the best life has to offer. Choose to believe it right now and go forward into this day with your head held high and a smile on your face. People who think you should be otherwise will take note and will ask you about your demeanor. That will be your opportunity to share your strength with them and your reward will be your own strengthening as you declare your positive attitude.

Peace is yours, love is yours, and your thoughts are your own so take charge of them and infect the planet with positive energy today. You just might save the world in the process! -- jb

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  1. Jeff,
    Another beautiful blog. And very good timing for me personally. I've really been working on finding the beauty in every situation. Even in pain, finding the anticipation of what will come out of it.
    Thanks, Leisa

  2. Thank you for your timely message. You have such a beautiful way with words; you are truly an inspiration to me. You are amazing. Love and Peace and Good Fortune are Yours.

  3. Jeff, I wanted you to know I look forward to your blog every day!! I mean it....Your words have fed and nourished me lately. Thank You!!! Kimmie

  4. Jeff! You are awesome! I love your blogs. They are so peaceful and happy! Keep 'em coming, friend!!! Shelly


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