Thoughts Become Things

I have been enjoying my holiday today, and I have spent a large portion of it reading my favorite bloggers. I discovered a few new ones today, so I have been inspired to write about how our thoughts become things. Thanks to the brilliant insights of Robin, I was reminded of the importance of really being aware of my thinking.

I often speak about world peace. It is my loftiest dream and seemingly the most futile. At the same time, I recognize the fact that I alone do not have the power of mind to single-handedly create world peace. I like to think I can do anything... but for today, I humbly admit that world peace is a collective effort. So what are we waiting for?

Maybe the term "waiting" is a little off the mark, but sometimes the things I desire most tend to take a little while before showing up. Have you noticed? Actually, there are also times when I think something and for whatever reason, poof! -- there it is. These events, however, are usually related to parking spaces :-)

So, as I was thinking about thinking, I was reminded of a term used by Esther Hicks when discussing the delayed manifestation of a given desire. She calls this effect "the buffer of time." What she is describing is the space between the thought and the thought becoming the thing. Stay with me here, this is good stuff.

This idea really helps me to have patience, and it is rather beneficial to us as humans at this juncture in our evolution when you stop to think about it. (It will be interesting to read this back and count the number of times I use the word think.) When I think something, or wish for, or pray for anything, there is the reality that we exist within the spacetime continuum. It can make me nuts when I have to wait for the money or the phone call or the lottery results, and I am ok with that. The truth is, I understand the benefit of the delay between the thought and the thought becoming the thing. I'm sure none of us would like the hateful thought we had toward our friend or spouse to immediately become reality, would we?

If I have the power of mind to push my thought beyond time and space but my thought isn't pure, I am in trouble. Do you get my drift? I am thankful that I don't get instant results with each thought. At the same time, that awareness aids me in becoming the master of my thoughts. I can't always control my thoughts and that is not really my aim as much as it is to improve my thoughts... especially my thoughts about others. I don't want to inflict pain on someone by thinking something about them that could, in fact, do just that. I want to think good thoughts about everyone. It is a goal, not a reality so let me be blunt.

Watch what you're thinking! There will come a day when we will collectively possess the power to create anything we want, just by thinking it. We are in this physical plane of existence to work that fact out in our minds now in order to improve the state of our world later. If we all truly wanted world peace, we would already have it in our present reality. The fact that we do not, speaks to the way many of us think. I actually know people who are "praying" for the end of the world. Ouch! Sort of shortsighted if you are actually praying for the end of the world. Maybe you should concentrate on what is happening in your world if you're so ready to pop out. I like it here, and I know my work is not done.

May you monitor your thoughts lovingly, without judgement. May you reflect on your thinking and simply improve the thought that you are not pleased with, again without judgement. And may you come to understand that what you think about others, even though they may not be aware that you are thinking of them, must become a thought created in love. It will help me in my quest to see this world enveloped in peace, and it will help you in creating thoughts that become good things.

Peace in your world, love in your life, and pure thoughts in your mind. -- jb

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  1. Some deep stuff here, Jeff, and I'm not sure I'm with you: "There will come a day when we will collectively possess the power to create anything we want, just by thinking it." But certainly I'm with you on trying to improve one's thoughts.

  2. Doug B --

    The power of the mind is a virtually untapped resource... common knowledge, I know. At the same time, the law of attraction, as we understand it, sort of works in slow motion. Thus the idea of the time buffer. As we progress in our collective ability to utilize the power of our mind, it follows that all doors will some day open, and everything will happen at a faster vibration. Think of the historical paradigm shift in the human mind regarding how long new technology takes to go from concept to reality... At this point we have the opportunity to confront the mindset that when we see it happen, then we believe it. I say, believe first and see after. I can be described as an eternal optimist, but I see evidence every day with the parking space thing. I joked about it, but you might just try saying, "I will take the best parking space, please." It works for me nearly every time. Sometimes I just have to circle the lot once if I'm feeling particularly lazy :)

    As I see it, we are only limited in our ability by our belief in it. From a spiritual perspective, Christ said that we would some day be equal to him and actually more so. This sort of requires us to believe that he was quite an elevated human, right? He, like the other masters we are familiar with, had/have absolutely no problem manifesting the thoughts of their minds. They are equally adept at reading the minds of others.

    Dream with me of world peace first. Then move with me to the concept discussed in the post of having absolutely pure thoughts... sort of a heaven on earth if you believe in any of that. If you have trouble with the belief thing, we may have a disconnect, but the teachings of Abraham, presented by Esther Hicks is anything but religious/spiritual. Her approach is exclusively secular but a natural law is as much a natural law whether a religion or any other entity agrees with it or not.

    I am thrilled that you found my secret phrase and I encourage you to share your feelings, which I will tell you in advance, are already respected and appreciated.

    Peace -- jb

  3. im still thinking from the great read

  4. Hi Jeff - thanks for the link!

    I love your article - especially what you say about world peace. I only touched on this because I didn't want my post to be too broad - but you have said exactly what I think. I do think the troubles of the world are an expression of our unconscious minds, and we can change things by becoming more enlightened ourselves.

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  6. Great post and thanks for sharing.
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  7. I firmly know that our thinking creates out world that we live in. And one we do receive the revelation of this within our own conscious it is amazing. It almost makes one stop and realize how important it is to correct it. Always try to be positive.

    I will leave one of my quotes with you dear. and thank you for your reply on my blog about Caylee Anthony. It was wonderful.

    "Walk into a room full of canvases and watercolors Now paint your world perfectly, etch the thoughts deep into your heart and live them. ~© 2007 by shyloh~"

  8. "There will come a day when we will collectively possess the power to create anything we want, just by thinking it."

    I believe that day is already here, we just have to learn how to connect with one another and merge our collective thoughts and energies for the greater good.


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