And The Truth Will Set You Free

Why do we sometimes avoid the truth? What is it that causes us to take any route other than complete honesty? Ok, so let's be painfully, honestly straight with each other: Why do we lie?

I used to hold my stomach in when I looked at myself in the mirror. I can't explain it. It's not like I don't know the truth about my body and how it really looks. I guess that it boils down to fear.... ouch!

Well, I don't do that anymore. In fact, I have made a lot of progress with the truth that I understand about myself. And I think that that understanding has helped me to see a bigger truth about humanity in general. I will not place any blame on the media, but let's face it, they really portray an unrealistic idea of what is acceptable when it comes to how we look. Not everybody can look like those we see advertised... where would the contrast be? Ego has everything to do with that type of marketing and I for one, don't believe that it is necessary to fall for that line of doo-doo sales. It is just another example of plastic people putting out plastic concepts designed to sell something. But when we think about it, isn't it the way the world works at times?

I know people who are really great, but they have a sort of distorted perspective on honesty. And maybe I am wrong, but I also think those same people live in some type of fantasy world where they actually believe the lies they tell. Do you relate? I am not judging them, only making an observation.

Why do we ever lie?

Fear of anything can lead to an unhealthy life. If I am afraid at times I am only human, but does that make it ok to be dishonest? Not if you value those who might be hurt by that dishonesty. Wake up and smell the coffee. It isn't rocket science that one lie leads to another, and another, ad nauseum. It is down right unhealthy for the liar and the lied to. I think a healthy life is one that makes truth the only option. Telling the truth isn't difficult, but it can be difficult to accept. I have good friends who are not afraid to let me know when I am out of step with who I really am. I appreciate that. I try to do likewise for them. I think that is a healthy life between good friends. Don't you?

Try today to make honesty a priority. Even if you consider yourself completely honest, do you hold in your tummy when you look in the mirror? Trust me when I tell you that it can be very freeing to just be yourself with your Self. It also requires less energy :)

Peace and truth -- jb


  1. The truth really does set you free. Even if it hurts to hear the truth, it is better to see clearly than to be blindfolded.........

  2. Hi Jeff: I have been thinking a lot about truth lately. I try never to lie - I always say I am not smart enough to keep track of lies, so I have to tell the truth. But lately, I have had some experiences with people who claim to always tell the truth, and use this as a justification to be unfeeling, self-absorbed, and tactless. Although I am a huge proponent of telling the truth, I am beginning to think there are a whole lot of people who wave the banner of truth, when it is only a convenient excuse for dysfunctional behavior. Ever had this experience?

  3. I am deeply in it, and I regret that anyone should ever be in this type of situation. It feels rather surreal.

    Ah, but what a superb and tireless teacher is our experience process.

    You hang in there! jb


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