What Are You So Afraid Of?

I was driving around town yesterday and my mind began to wander towards an issue I've been dealing with and I felt it... that unmistakable twist in my gut, and I instantly knew I was going down the wrong road. Do you relate?

Sometimes we can fall prey to this attack without even knowing it, and before we have a chance to react, we have already made life miserable for others. Today, I am much better because I was able to recognize that deeply internal, egoic effort working at keeping me in a place of uncertainty, which invariably was just another face of fear. So what did I do? I corrected my thinking to reflect the truth of my situation and observed in amazement (once more) how quickly my true feelings about me and my future emerged.

Fear. What a persistently sneaky and insidious illusion. One possessing the potential of destroying everything in its path. Much like the storms of recent weeks down here in my neck of the woods, fear is only as strong as the conditions involved will allow it to be. Considering the indisputable fact that I created those perfect conditions, I just took control of the elements and decided that I was not afraid... and so it is.

These days are seemingly filled with elements that lend themselves to unnecessary confusion, hurt, and pain. There are unprecedented numbers of individuals bent on projecting their fears into the lives of those around them. Remember that old adage "Misery loves company"? Well, it may be a fact, but I am not miserable and I still love company. I love the company of friends that are traversing this beautiful, yet unpredictable path along with me. Constantly supportive, undying in their commitment to me, they are responsible for coming to my rescue when I am unclear or cloudy... or when someone is out to get me... lol.

If you, my friend, ever find yourself dealing with people who seem intent on making your life or the lives of those closest to you miserable, make the choice today to put distance between you and them. Keep in mind that they are lost in their own confusion, and there is no benefit for anyone involved if you just keep putting up with meanness and judgement when there are healthy alternatives :)

You see, we are not alone. We are never alone, and we are in this thing together. Loving these poor souls is the right choice... just do it from a happier place and leave them alone to their private war all by themselves. Eventually they may even wake up and discover for themselves how fear has nullified their potential for good. Offer them peace in your prayers and meditation, but do not allow yourself to be the victim. Again, it is your choice.

Choose to love them and watch their power over you dissolve into thin air. Love them and you can rest your mind about them and get on with living your life the way it is intended to be lived. Free of judgement; free of conflicting emotions, free of fear. Who knows? If enough of us will just let it be, your former "victimizers" might come to the awareness that they have no power over you anymore and they will quietly go their own way.

May you never be afraid, may you always feel loved and accepted, and may you know that no one can make you into a victim. Only you have that power.

Peace -- jb


  1. It is so facinating to have those moments when you can clearly tell the difference between ego and peace. When dealing with others and their hurtful behavior (or mine) if I picture the ego as "crippled" it helps to put love into the situaton.

  2. How wonderful is this. And it is so very true. Some things I have forgotten. Now I am on the right path again.
    Namaste' TO YOU ALWAYS


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