It's Not About Me!

I have been so busy lately that writing a post seems nearly as difficult to accomplish as giving myself a surprise birthday gift. I have so many topics running around in my head that I want to begin today by stating that this post will not be about the 700 billion dollar bailout, Governor Palin, oil prices, or the recent hurricane in Maine. It's not about me, either.

I want to pay homage to all of those who give of themselves all day, every day. I know of several people who never fail to bear a smile, a wave, and/or a good word. These are the ones who keep everything in harmony while the rest of creation seems to be caught up in the latest drama of fear and uncertainty. These light bearers are supplying balance in times of seeming chaos.

I am not diminishing the unsettled nature of our economy, or the limited choices presenting themselves in the upcoming election, nor am I ignoring the shameless profit taking of the rich oil companies... wait a minute, yes I am. What I am really attempting to do, if only for the briefest of moments, is to get us to think about the good things that are happening that appear to go unnoticed.

Did you hear about the group of Americans adopting HIV-positive kids from Ethiopia? How about the $16 billion raised at the Anti Poverty Summit? I know these are only news stories, but at least there is a good message in them. On September 22nd, Autumn announced its annual arrival in typical silent fashion, but haven't you noticed a change in the air? How about the trees and their subtle changes in hue? You'd think they were trying to get noticed :)

So, for the record, you don't have to watch the news or read the paper in search of happy news, all you need to do is make some yourself. Offer a smile with no strings attached, hold the door for someone, or make a contribution to the charity group working the street corner. All of these acts contribute to the overall upliftment of society's collective vibration. If enough of us got it in our heads that each act of kindness can overcome any act of meanness, maybe there would be a change that would go more easily noticed. Then if more people noticed the good stuff, more and more people would begin to offer more good stuff until the world was full of good stuff, enough for everyone to feel good about life. Now that's good stuff.

Peace is not a dream, love is its guarantee, and thoughts that are focused on the good and the true will make life better for everyone. I really believe that! -- jb

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  1. Hey Jeff!

    I had one of those days yesterday and when I finally get going today I plan on having another. I woke up yesterday with a plan to smile. I woke up with a plan to make eye contact with others rather than putting my head down and walking on by. You would be surprised how this make you feel. You might already do this. I was like this in my 20's. Full of confidence...not a care in the world. As I have gotten older (not old you are right in there with me) I have noticed that I have lost my emotion for human contact. I don't mean what I have with my family, or bloggers, I mean real face to face happy contact. I am going to get that back. Just wait! It will happen.

    This is a wonderful post. I needed to be reminded that I am not alone with this thought. With all that is going in the world, it is hard for many to even be able to get out of bed. Stress, money loss, etc. is making for some touch times. We have to be prepared mentally for them. I think there is NO avoiding them this time. In the meantime, be happy. Right? I say yes.

  2. Hey Jeff. I have just now taken the time to look in your sidebar. I am from Huntsville. Not far away. I pass through your town a great deal while traveling.


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