I See a World...

i see a land of peace
no. i'm not alone
for the eye that sees
is the I that has won
if we want it to be
then our work's almost done
it's the wanting, you see
that will make us all one
i see a world with no lies
only love remains
of course nobody cries
just the sweet scent of rain
falling free on us all
living in peace
is my dream
it's my destiny's call
this world is so real
lying just beyond the veil
so long concealed
yet i'm lost in its spell
envision with me
if only for today
people coming together
with peace as their way
i see this place
as sure i know
that love will erase
all memory of foe
beauty and honor
respect, love, and cheer
if you truly believe
then it's already here
i may be a fool
and this i am sure
will not be the last time
i dip my tongue in the pool
of a love that will last
my vision so near
just want it with me
please, just want it with me

see. now it is here

let it be
that my hope
is not lost on you now
for if our hearts can see it

then peace is here... right now

Namaste' -- jb


  1. beautiful. your words flow over me. thank you

  2. You keep writing things like this, and I just might enter priesthood... hahaha... Sir, I have never visited your blogsite and left disappointed. Never ever.
    I look forward to the next great one. Try to envision the next time you sit down to write that I am with you cheering in the background

  3. I DO want it with you - thank you for sharing such beautiful, profound words.

  4. yeah...u r definitely not alone. keep spreading these msgs. thank you

  5. Wow! Beautiful, beautiful ... really, you capture an incredible energy with your wonderful words!



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