Leave It Better Than You Found It

Happy Friday Mom!

I have always believed that I have the ability to make something better than it was before I got involved, and I wish I could say that it is true in every case. That belief originally sprang from my need to control everything. In my controlling, I actually thought I was making improvement... oops.

Enter reality.

I know people today who have a gift for making things better with seemingly little or no effort, and I like that. In fact, as I have grown older and somewhat wiser, I have found that I can and do make some things better. I have the gift of gab, and I have the freedom to say what I want, so I normally do... thus the dawning of Jeff Baker Talks. I make no excuses for my opinions, whether I am right in someone's eyes or wrong means little to me. I never intend to offend, and I really try to be uplifting. At the same time, there are days when I lose patience with something or someone, and after much quiet restraint, I just let go and let it fly.

Do you relate?

I hope to make a case for thinking before speaking today as I am freshly reminded that even when speaking the truth, there are those who cannot and will not hear it :O

Not that I have a corner on the truth market mind you. I make plenty of mistakes, and not just with my tongue, yet I am blessed to have great friends who keep me in check. That is more than a blessing, it is the way life should be for all of us. That life assumes, of course, that I am able to make and keep friends. And it assumes that any truth spoken, is spoken in love.


I have a quick wit and a quick mouth, and believe me when I tell you that it is always better to think before speaking. Words do not have a rewind feature; they are like arrows shot from a bow and can have deadly aim. I have learned all too often the hard lesson of saying something only to regret it afterwards. My friends, this is something we should all be conscious of because the power of our words is truly underestimated.
When we think from a place of loving intent, then our words and deeds will reflect that. If not, well, you get the picture. And, that is the point of this post. Let me say for the record also, that even if you are speaking from love, the hard conversations might not go very well. That is ok, because you can rest in the peace of the effort and not regret the result of having said something difficult. Remember, you are not responsible for anyone except yourself in these conversations, so speak the truth and let the chips fall where they may.
I will leave you with a link to a remarkable blog, written by an equally remarkable lady named Wendi. She says things the way I think them. One day I will be able to write like her and that will be the day that I finally get picked up by a sponsor! That is not a pipe dream. I believe it, and it is so.
Peace for your weekend, love for your friends, and thoughts that are firmly rooted in the power of Love. -- jb


  1. Sir,
    Let me put a twist to the title of this post. I found it and now I leave feeling a whole lot better. This feel-good blog is the oasis that I turn to when the fountain of hope in my heart runs dry. Keep writing and I will keep cheering you on... I want you to know that it is a great honor and privilege to be your friend...

  2. Likewise, Ari.

    Good to see you again!

    By the way, I had a feeling the priest thing was far fetched... looking forward to the dark side you alluded to :)

  3. I can already sense your blog will become one of my inspirational rituals:) Great writing!


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