What Price, Freedom?

Is freedom worth fighting for? Are we really free if we have to battle something or someone? I like asking questions, and I want you to think about, and envision with me, a life free from any reason to bear arms, or fists, or ugly words. That, my friend, is the freedom I am talking about.

Let's be frank: Life is supposed to be enjoyable, and if you find yourself constantly fighting, then somewhere along the way you have missed out on the original plan. It happens to all of us, and we can unwittingly fall prey to blaming or lashing out when things are not going the way we would like. This leads me to the main point of this post --

Am I trying to control things when I place a definite expectation on something or someone?

It would appear that after years of analyzing this idea, it is a fact that when I am disappointed in some outcome, I can always trace it back to having a certain expectation. When I am truly participating in the art of allowing, then I no longer have a need to control how something turns out. I can be expectant and I can have my dreams and goals. This is a very important element in personal development, however when I expand that into demanding things be a specific way, I am no longer enjoying myself. I can all but guarantee a disappointment when I set myself up like that.

Instead of worrying about how something will go, I have found that by simply wanting and desiring the good and the true, and furthermore, leaving the "how" to God (this is where faith comes in), I am very likely to be ok with the end result. I want world peace. I also understand that I alone cannot achieve it. I can pray about it, meditate on it, dream about it, and truly desire it... I do in fact, but I ultimately must trust God to bring it about. It could be that many others are feeling the same as I, and at some point out there in the near future, there will be enough of us that a critical mass will occur. I don't really need to know how it will look, I just need to look for it.

My friends, I am tired of the way I give in to my lower nature and start whining when things do not go my way. I have seen enough of the "my way or the highway" mentality to know that it is a primitive mindset. I am making every effort to be consistent in my daily walk by allowing things to be what they are. This is an important effort in my way of thinking because it is a way of accepting without selling out on my dreams. I always lean into any risk for the sake of seeing my dreams come true, all the while being ok with my state of affairs right now.

I hope that makes sense, and I would love to hear your comments. Otherwise, I am just talking to myself. I already do enough of that :)

Peace to you, love for you, and accepting thoughts about you and this world. -- jb


  1. Buddhists believe that our attachment (craving desire within) to witness or be a part of specific outcomes, as well, as our aversion to other outcomes is the cause of unhappiness.

    This ties in with your "Am I trying to control things when I place a definite expectation on something or someone?"

    When there is a sequence to our thoughts, they have as their object either something pleasant or something unpleasant. If the object of our thought sequence is pleasant we begin reacting to the thoughts with liking that grows into craving, a clinging attachmment. If it is unpleasant, we begin reacting with dislike, which develops into a rejection, hatred, aversion. Our mind is constantly filled with craving thoughts that lead to attachment an aversion.

    You have also said: "I am making every effort to be consistent in my daily walk by allowing things to be what they are."

    The opposite of allowing things to be as they are is trying to change things, and there are very few things we have full control over. Allowing things to be as they are is about becoming mindful and living a conscious life.

    That's exactly where I'm at in my life. I'm practicing mindfulness meditation and learning how to live a conscious life.

  2. Have you ever heard the saying: Expectations are resentments waiting to happen? So much truth in that.

    Jeff, we think so much alike. I nearly fell over when I read your comments about achieving peace there are enough of us to reach critical mass - I say that ALL THE TIME. What's more, I believe I know the methods required to reach critical mass. Shamanic tradition, recently discovered biblical scrolls, eastern masters - they all tell us there is a particular way to pray and we have lost that are in modern days.

    If you want a hint, read my latest blog entry, titled "Times of Transformation." I have contacted Don Taxo and hope to study with him. Interesting that I am being drawn in two very separate directions - west to the Shamanic traditions and east to the Buddhist/Taoist traditions, yet they both carry a very similar message.

  3. Thank you again for your words and thoughts. We are truely blessed to have you around.

  4. Barbara,

    Thanks for your comment and thanks even more for this insightful post. I am personally dealing with old hurts that have their root in fear, yet I am encouraged by the possibilities of our collective future. I want to contribute to the positive energy necessary for our very survival... otherwise, why waste everyone's time rambling about peace :)

    I will immediately incorporate these two simple yet profound suggestions into my daily activity. Namaste' -- jb

  5. Your writings really take me to a deeper place within. Thank you, thank you for sharing your heart. Your blog truly makes a difference in my life. Much love...

  6. It all makes lots of sense...similar in essence to what I've been reading in Krishnamurti and what I've read elsewhere...though of course reading about it only does so much, so does thinking about it...the conundrum of going to reading to thinking to living is a deep and winding one....

    Interesting blog you've got here...I'll read more when I'm more well rested and/or coherent....

  7. I am struggling with this right now. At the same time I am raising two boys that seem to do better than this than I. I guess that is youth. I go back to that place in my mind. I need to just accept things as they are and not try to change them. Living in the moment is always best. Not going back, not going forward.

    Thank you so much for the post. This is my first time here and I have enjoyed the reading.


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