Imagine Peace Today

I was reminded of our need for peace again today. I was out and about watching people like I like to do and I noticed many, not just a few, but many people wearing t-shirts commemorating the 9/11 tragedy. I am not one to suggest that we ever forget those who lost their lives, nor am I of the opinion that by wearing a shirt that reads, "We Will Never Forget," that the wearer is even connected to the events of that fateful day... except through the window of their television set.

On the other hand, what is it that we are keeping alive by remembering? Keep in mind, I live in the south, far, far away from the site of the twin towers. I have a hunch that when some of us are doing the remembering, we are actually looking for an excuse to get back at the perpetrators. I say, let it go.

I pray that I do not offend any of you by saying that. I too watched in horror as the towers fell, and I remember how I, along with my wife, just cried and cried nearly all day. It was awful... but it is in the past. It is wonderful and very healing to memorialize the dead, but at some point there needs to be an effort at forgiveness. I guess I am still jaded by those I know who can't let something go, and hold on to the past as if it were their favorite childhood toy.

I have witnessed first hand how holding on to a painful memory can lead to other painful events. I have been counseled in the past to find an image of peace that I can hold on to instead, and it works. I use this during meditation and prayer also. I don't believe that we will ever be satisfied with ourselves if we spend our energy focused on the the things that we don't like about our brothers and sisters around this beautiful globe, or down the street, or across town. I wish we had t-shirts proclaiming, "We Will Never Forget World Peace."

We are destined to have what we hope for and I am only trying to get us to think about letting a forgiving attitude be the driving force behind our hopes and our actions. Peace is still a viable option, no matter the circumstances, and I pray for our collective healing.

Here is a video I saw today that caused me to think. I share it with you in hopes that you will be touched by it's message, as I was. Namaste' --jb -- http://www.peacetodaymovie.com/

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  1. Jeff,

    You may have seen it already, but check out this story on CNN from a few months back. I think you'll enjoy it.



  2. Dear Jeff

    Good thinking! I agree and like your thought about forgiveness. Revenge is like a never ending story and always sacrifices to human.

    I'll be glad if you like to review my thought at the post title "If One Why Different". I think it related to this post. You may say i'm a dreamer but i'm NOT the only one.


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