Satisfaction Guaranteed... Right?

Is there any such thing as satisfaction guaranteed when it comes to our wants and needs? I believe the answer to the question is yes even though I have days when I think it's the absolute farthest thing from possible. What I am learning is that no matter what I think, that is exactly what I get. In other words, whether I think I can or I can't, either way I
am right.

Get it?

The Universe is full of natural laws, and we bow to them without thinking about them. Gravity, time, weather, etc., are just a few, and we never really think about them because they just happen. Well, don't get in a wad when I submit to you that there is another law that is equally natural, but I do have a choice in how it operates. At least to the degree that I believe it :o

That law is the Law of Attraction, and it is getting renewed attention even though it is, was, and will always be just another natural law. The cool thing is that by participating in its power and cooperating with it, we come one step close to accomplishing all we have ever wanted to be, do, or have. The paradox for me is that it has the same effect in the opposite fashion when I look for things to feel negative about and then just unconsciously "allow" it to bring me all the things that kind of energy produces.

My parents raised me to pray to God and I do. At the same time, these days I have enhanced my prayers by becoming a willing participant in the outcome, and it has changed my outlook on life irreversibly. I meditate on peace and I find it. I know I am created in the image of God as the book says, and I can do all things through Christ (not the man Jesus, but the anointing he carried is equally available to me -- look it up!) and I believe it. I say positive things. I think positive things. And when I do, good things happen. When I don't, well... I don't need to elaborate, do I?

Friends, try it today. Change the way you look at your situation, and I guarantee that if you really believe in the new way, your situation will change, and you will see positive results.

Satisfaction guaranteed. Gotta run... Peace -- jb


  1. What a wonderful Blog. I am so in agreement with you. I hope you are doing well!
    Love and peace to you and yours.


  2. Hey Jeff,

    I related to your post (again). You and I seem to be walking a similar spiritual path.

    You know what I thought of when I discovered the whole Law of Attraction thing? I thought, "Whoa, God had given me more power than I thought He had." ;-)

    But like the saying goes, with great power, comes great responsibility....



  3. I love how you put it so simply - think positively, and more positive things happen. So true. Isn't it amazing how we can change everything, just by choosing the most uplifting available thought?

    Blessings - great stuff!


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