Does Worrying Accomplish Anything?

Do you worry? Do you think too much about things yet to occur? Do you fret? Do you mind control yourself into unnecessary anxiety?

Are you human?

My friend, there is a really short answer to the question that is the title of this post, and that answer is no. At the same time, we humans, all of us, have had episodes of worry at some point in our lives. And the idea for this post came about as a result of a recent occurrence in my own life.

As I began to ponder my untimely lapse of faith, I decided it would be helpful to offer hope for those of us who have real issues with worry. I know people who worry. I know people who worry a lot. (I used to be one of those people.) It is different for me now and as I ascend, and as I learn, I recognize that worrying, while unwanted, still offers one the opportunity for real growth. I'm not speaking of the act of worrying -- just the awareness that I am worrying, and the healthy practice of replacing my thoughts about future events with faith-type thoughts that all is well... right now. When I re-member that I am okay right now and choose to be content with "what is" going on in this moment, I proactively crowd out those thoughts that cause anxiety.

Tell your self that life is good, because it really is. And it is good to you. Do you believe life is good? Do you believe that Life wants to be good to you? Do you? Are you thinking about it?

Think. About. It.

When I choose to believe life is good and good to me, AND when I accept myself and my circumstances, all is well. (I did not say to settle for something less than my dreams.) Stated similarly: I have the capacity to simultaneously be content with my current station in life while having really big dreams, realistically healthy goals and clear vision for the future.

Being content does not mean that I do NOT have the desire for something "better." In fact, it is generally agreed that people who have a healthy outlook on life are those that practice contentment while remaining focused on their next greatest version of themselves. Do you want to be wealthy? Believe that you can be. See yourself as being wealthy. Be thankful (and really feel thankful) for the wealth that is yours. Feel free to substitute the word "wealth" with whatever works for you, be it perfect health, better relationships, that dream job or a new car.

There is no need to worry. There never is. There is nothing to fear -- except those things we create in our powerful ever-creating minds. We choose what we see for the future, so choose to see only those things that you "know" you want, not the things you don't want. Then, prepare to be amazed as you watch yourself move directly into that reality.

By the way, this is not some exclusive New Age philosophy. All the great masters who have ever graced our planet spoke of this. The Christ (who is my master) said that I am to ask, receive, and believe that I have already received what I asked for, and I will have it. I like that because I know it works. Having said that, when I do slip and begin to worry, I can now (with much practice) change my thoughts and begin again to follow this simple yet profound guidance.

I am thankful for you, Dear Reader, and I pray that you may have everything you desire. Joseph Campbell once said, "Follow your bliss..." In other words, don't steal from your potential by imagining anything less than the best for yourself. When you think good thoughts about your future, you easily place yourself in line for everything you are desiring. For by staying in tune with that which inspires and moves you, you create the now that makes the future all you want it to be. Believe it. Believe in yourself.

I believe in you!

Peace -- jb


  1. I like your post and your whole blog in fact. You had me at the 'eye' on the header!

    Seriously though, you come from a beautiful 'heart space' and that is the sort of person I like to be around.

    Good point...worry is a signal to think something else...

    Or perhaps change something in our reality.

    If a train is coming towards you you should be worried - MOVE :)

    Anyway, great post...

    There is a trailer you may like at www.wheeloflife.tv

    Quite provoking.


  2. When I catch myself in a state of worry I do as you do, shift my thoughts to the here and now. Funny thing is I use your idea from your last post (the lion and the lamb) as my assurance! I thank the Living Christ that I am so safe and blessed right now and then put in my head an old memory of a Sunday school picture of the two beautiful animals together.

  3. I really liked your post,very true, worry does nothing for us. As we begin to trust He has our best interest at heart we worry less. I added your blog to follow it. Thanks for the great read!

  4. This is very very beautiful. There are so many many phrases here that I could comment on, but I think what is more important that I comment on is your deep sense of grace and respect of other people, beliefs. And even that doesn't really express what I feel. It's more a sense of your vastness and ability to love and embrace yourself and others. There is a gentling about your writing that is rarely seen, a deep compassion and acceptance of differences and more. It's like you come from a place of great peace. You teach and express yourself without preaching or pushing or demanding. You just gently, honestly and simply express yourself. It's quite remarkable and very refreshing. I'm proud of you.

  5. ...as it was put to me by some sage personage ...'worrying is suffering in advance'..,but like BrokeBack mountain sometimes I 'just can't quit it'! thanks for befriending me on BC



  6. I just started reading Alan Watts' book The Wisdom of Insecurity and it focuses heavily on the subject of how Man is preoccupied with the uncertain future. Man's desire for security is so overwhelming that he wastes his life in the present while his eyes and heart are forever fixed in the future. It's more of a philosophical book written back in the late 50's I believe. I'm about halfway through and it has some very intriguing ideas as to how Man deals with anxiety. Even though I haven't finished yet I still recommend it.

  7. Hi Jeff,

    Stop by my blog, I have an award waiting for you.

    God Bless!!


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