Is Lasting Peace Possible?

Do you ever think about what life would be like if the world was at peace? Do you ever allow your mind to open outwardly... a little?

I do.

And I have discovered the secret to avoiding any and all possible conflict.

It's simple... Never be against anything. Only be for things. Put in other words, we could just choose not to fight our wars.

Decide not to fight.

I know it sounds very passive and hippy or whatever... I understand that. I am not covering all topics for which one could become offended and retaliate against someone else. I am not that smart. I am speaking rhetorically to some and fundamentally to others. But I am indeed speaking about it. Peace that is. I want it. Don't you?

Don't you?

I mean, I realize there are mean people in the world who do awful things. I know it first hand. I also know the incredible power of forgiveness. I know what it can do to release a person from something.


It is an interesting word. In forgiveness, we forgive, and exist in the act of for-giving, thus the "-ness" of it all. It isn't meant to be a one-time event. Forgiveness is ever giving and ever grace-filled. It is the definition -- in a word -- of what we all wish to experience in a genuine way.


World peace, as we see it being defined and attempted by our leaders, is not possible. There is a fundamental omission of personal responsibility on the individual level. Peace is a personal choice. Right? I can say I desire world peace, but I also scream at my wife, or kick the dog, or curse the other angry driver… Or, I aim my missiles at some other country.

Aim. Then what?

When I decide once and for all that peace starts in my own heart, and I begin to systematically eliminate the actions that promote chaos, I have made my own first step in contributing to peace on a global scale. Pray for peace, but also promote and create peace by doing peaceful things.

Peace is good.

I love you. — jb


  1. That's what I asked for for christmas

  2. Dear Jeff,

    You said: "Never be against anything. Only be for things."

    This is eloquestly expressed and gave me shivers as it is how I live my life. But I had not yet given it words. I believe there is the ultimate empowerment when we focus on what we "are FOR", as opposed to what we are against. There is FREEDOM to be found in doing this. Thank you for giving me the words for this and reminding me of it. I will definitely remember these words and insight...and use them. You are a blessing. I wish wonderful things for you and your wife this year. I just KNOW they are coming your way because it's who you ARE. Your insights have been and continue to be a joy in my life. Hug and love to you and yours, Robin

  3. Dear Jeff, I forgot to tell you that I am Stumbling this as I this is powerful...very powerful! Sending love and everything good. Robin

  4. Sometimes, I feel like giving up on kindness. For once, I want to be mean and vindictive and give people I detest what they deserve but your writings pull me back. I am honored to be known yet unknown to you... I am amazed, even petrified with the way we connect. I was just thinking peace right before you posted this. And this is the real shocker... didn't the name Cornelia play a part in our lives? That's the name of my favorite teacher in "Finding Miss Nelia". Coincidence?

  5. "It's simple... Never be against anything. Only be for things."

    I think this passage will focus on controlling your patience and self-control.

  6. Thank you Jeff for the insightful words! It's all so true. It all starts with ourselves. To end the war "out there", we must end the war inside of us. Create peace, because we do create our reality. As within, so without.

    Bless you.

  7. Thanks friends for the comments. We can change the world... believe it and it is so.

    Peace -- jeff

  8. I sell health/nutrition products for a company called ForeverGreen, and one of their primary slogans is "Stop fighting disease, embrace health." I've always found that to be a very powerful statement. It cuts right to the truth of things in a way that can't be ignored or forgotten.

    We must remember that "what we resist, will persist", because the world is a reflection of our mind, and what it focuses on.

    Thus Gandhi's saying... "There is no path to peace, peace is the path."

    Thanks for another peaceful post, Jeff!


Have any thoughts on this post? I'd really love to hear from you. Be Peace, Make Peace -- jb