it matters not what season
of life i'm in right now,
there's more than one good reason
to let silence show me how

to hear what i've needed so to hear
and with much more clarity,
that life is really, really good
it's not meant to be a rarity.

being alone, for me,
was hard for many years.
but in silence now i see
that i was blinded by my fears

of being left, rejected or
abandoned by someone.
not being needed anymore
is not my style of fun.

fun for me was hard
on the one who gave so much,
that she's the one who's scarred
mine just don't mean that much.

and in the silence now
i'm hearing truth in love.
spirit showing exactly how
my freedom's like the dove,

able to soar above the din
of chaos, noise, and pain.
the things i did i don't defend,
but i won't do them again.

if i had another chance to show
my heart's been healed at last,
my love, i think, would finally know...
but that's living in the past.

there is no going back for me.
had to learn the karmic way.
though it's not meant to be that easy,
i've paid my dues you could say.

in silence now i'm reassured
that i'm honorable, good, and true.
spirit my soul has kindly cured
at last i feel brand new.

LUVWRX. Believe it!

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