So Long Gone -- Love is Free?

six feet tall and bullet proof
or at least that's what I thought.
believed it all,
down came the roof.
your word I completely bought.

shame on you,
shame on me
cause you're so long gone.
i won't blame you,
so don't blame me.

once more on my own

i gave my heart away,
no cost to you did i impart.

my love was free

but as of today
there's a hole in my heart.

yet love is free?

well from shit grows the rose.
so it is with love i suppose.

if love is free,
i'd rather pay God for some guarantee

no time for tears,
my heart's on the run.
oh, burn away the clouds of fear,
and break through sweet sun.

stop this constant pain;
too hard to take.
i want to grow in love again.
people can be so fake!

yes, mistakes were made
with loads of regret.
if love is free, as has been portrayed
why are these eyes so wet?

cause love isn't free

if it was, it is no more.
no, there's a price that's paid.
it's keeping score;
my heart left in shreds

what now?


i tore off the rearview,
and i won't look back.
i'll keep moving forward
and stay on track.

must protect my heart


by remembering True Love flows free
right here; right now

true LUVWRX. Believe it!

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  1. ur amzing..... i really like it!


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