I AM, Therefore I Think

For all of you that are thinking that I have that backwards, I apologize, but for me this is how it works... not the way Descartes put it. He said, I think, therefore I am." Which is the same as saying, the fact that I am thinking is proof that I exist. So profound.

I know I exist. I existed before I had my first thought. After I thought, I became a creator :O

Aristotle is quoted as saying, "But if life itself is good and pleasant (...) and if one who sees is conscious that he sees, one who hears that he hears, one who walks that he walks and similarly for all the other human activities there is a faculty that is conscious of their exercise, so that whenever we perceive, we are conscious that we perceive, and whenever we think, we are conscious that we think, and to be conscious that we are perceiving or thinking is to be conscious that we exist..."

You will notice his opening line of thought, "But if life is good and pleasant..." Well, sometimes life is not good and pleasant, but it is what I think it is which is to say I created it the way it is. Many of you will say, "There is no way that I created all these problems in my life!" And I cannot argue with you, but I do humbly disagree. I have a thought about something, and I am thinking about what is and no matter how much I don't want a certain thing, the more I think about it the more it lingers. What I have learned is to change my thinking and then I find I am creating the new thing that I do want.

I can't get into all the physics of it, but these days there is no shortage of those of us who place a lot of emphasis on what thoughts run around in our minds and how those thoughts constitute our reality. Some can explain the details of it. I am less interested in the how, because that is God, or fate, or the process. It is of the utmost importance to me that I become the master of my thoughts and spend my time participating in the end result that I am seeking. Visualizing what I want to ultimately experience, even though I can't see it yet.

That is faith.

You can say I am leaving God out of the equation, and to some degree you might be right, but can we agree that no matter how much faith I have in God, or Source, or the Universe, little if anything happens unless and until I get involved? I mean, I believe in God, but I have prayed, begged, and pleaded for many things that were very important and nothing... absolutely nothing happened. In fact, things sometimes got worse. That does not discount Divine involvement, it implies that I have been asking without really participating in the realization of my prayer. God gave me the mind to use. It is part of being created in her image. I have to use the mind to participate in the intended power that my thinking possesses.

I think, therefore I create. I AM no matter what, and I am creating my world with my every thought. By monitoring my thoughts and keeping them in line with the intended result, I play the most important role I can in seeing the thing come to fruition. Does that make me God? Nah, that's too much responsibility for me, but it does make me a co-creator with God. Like it or not, that is a truth that is as real as rain.

Don't stop praying, just be involved in your prayers. Don't wait for someone else to change your reality. Begin in your own mind seeing the reality you desire while in the process of praying, and I believe you will see that reality come to you quickly. Have faith. It is good to have, and it is better than saying a prayer and just waiting... wait all you want, but I AM getting up, getting out, and getting on with my life fully awake and aware. I AM fully participating in my prayers being answered. What are you doing?

Peace, love, and faith-filled thoughts. -- jb

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  1. Wendi Kelly-Life's Little InspirationsOctober 29, 2008 at 3:51 PM

    I agree that although it is not our actions which create who we are and it is not our actions that create our value, it is by our right to choose, that we can choose our actions that will make a difference for good in the world. IF all wait, who will lead the charge for good while evil rages on?


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