I See a World

I see a land of peace

no. i’m not alone

for the eye that sees

is the I that has won

if we want it to be

then our work’s almost done

it’s the wanting, you see

that will make us all one

i see a world with no lies

only love remains

of course nobody cries

just the sweet scent of rain

falling free on us all

living in peace

is my dream

it’s my destiny’s call

this world is so real

lying just beyond the veil

so long concealed

yet i’m lost in its spell

envision with me

if only for today

people coming together

with peace as their way

i see this place

as sure i know

that love will erase

all memory of foe

beauty and honor

respect, love, and cheer

if you truly believe

then it’s already here

i may be a fool

and this i am sure

will not be the last time

i dip my tongue in the pool

of a love that will last

my vision so near

just want it with me

please, just want it with me

see. now it is here

let it be

that my hope

is not lost on you now

for if our hearts can see it

then peace is here… right now

I wrote this poem because I really and truly believe that world peace, as we see it being defined and attempted by our world leaders, is not possible. There is a fundamental omission of personal responsibility on the individual level. Peace is a personal choice. Right? I can say I desire world peace, but I also scream at my wife, or kick the dog, or curse the other angry driver… Or, I aim my missiles at some other country.

When I decide once and for all that peace starts in my own heart, and I begin to systematically eliminate the actions that promote chaos, I have made my own first step in contributing to peace on a global scale. Pray for peace, but also promote and create peace by doing peaceful things. — jb


  1. Wendi Kelly Life's Little InspirationsOctober 29, 2008 at 3:54 PM

    You really have a lot of talent. Do more poetry!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this poem and your thoughts as well. I agree that peace comes from withing and I frequently bear witness to my own hypocrisies and contradictions. However, I'm not willing to give up the idea that an increasing number of "conscious" individuals can bring more peace into the world. When I meditate all the stuff attached to my ego and individuality dissolves. The "i" that was no longer exists; the experience "peaceful oneness" with all.


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