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I have an opinion on every subject, and if you have the time and can give me half an ear, I will tell you all about it. At the same time, I am genuinely interested in what you have to say, and I will listen to you. That element may seem somewhat unique considering the way most talkers like me tend to take up all the air in a room :-)

Genuinely listening to others almost always offers me ways to refine my thoughts about whatever is going on in my life at the moment. I guess mostly because I am open to the way God offers to help me in my every moment, while at the same time recognizing that wisdom does come from the mouths of people when I am really listening to them.

Last night I had the honor of discussing a particularly sensitive subject with a gentleman I have known for a while, but I am just now really getting to know. Without going into detail, let me just say that our conversation was a reminder to me of why I talk so much, and why drawing others out into the open to express their own ideas is so rewarding for me. There is so much wisdom in the world and I want to hear what others have to say.

I had such a blast you see because we talked for a few hours and never once did either of us get offended or bothered. Neither of us attacked the ideas that were presented by the other. (World leaders should take note.) It was not only a lively discussion, with Cornelia patiently listening and sometimes contributing, but it was also heartfelt and honest. It was simple. It was great!

I awoke this morning refreshed from the experience. It's been a fine day, and I am reminded as I sit in the Memphis airport, waiting hours for my plane, that if we could all each one of us engage in the type of talk I just described, there could be no limit to the good that could come from it.

Sitting in airports exposes me to much negativity as the news channels constantly spew the latest awfulness while somehow maintaining a smile. I don't waste much time on watching or reading the news precisely because of that, but as I sit here today, I remain encouraged and hopeful for the day when all adults world wide will arrive at that place where there is no agenda, and motives are replaced with genuine interest in the ideas of another. Whether you are a politician, a preacher, or a pimp you have an opinion, and your opinion matters. It really does. But don't be mistaken. You are no more important than anyone else. And the opinions, ideas, and interests of other people, countries, and religions can aid all of us when approaching solutions to the many issues we all face.

Sometimes we should talk less and listen more.

There is no prerequisite that we agree, only that we honor each other. We are not required to do anything, just listen to each other. There is no shortage of wisdom on this beautiful blue orb that we all live on together. And the sooner all of us tune in to the rest of creation, by crawling out of our place of perfection, the sooner we can get on with the business of healing the hurts that exist today. (Forgiveness is a good place to start, and when would now be the right time to do something about it?) Wisdom is certainly to come when two or more are really intent on honest discussion regarding matters that have real meaning.

We are the ones who are going to have to find common ground. We are the ones charged with making things work while we have the chance. We are the ones our children are counting on to get it together once and for all.

When we move into that special place of acceptance without judgement, honor instead of disdain, and love without limits, we will indeed be entering heaven on earth. I believe in it as surely as I believe in our ability to get there. I am not waiting around for my ticket to heaven to get punched. I am not sitting around twiddling my thumbs doing nothing, anticipating liberation from above either. What I am doing is engaging any and all comers who honestly want to make the world a better place in which to live and learn.

Together we humans have what it takes to make lasting change by simply being aware of the things that take place in our immediate field of experience. Don't let an injustice go as "just the way it is." Get up and do something about it. Don't wait on saviors or messiahs to come. Don't sit around and waste this chance. We are the ones who are alive right now. Let's get together and stop believing in separation. Recognize the inherent goodness in and connection with everybody else that you can see. We are the human family. Together. Brothers and Sisters. Sons and Daughters. We are all part of The One.

One world. One hope. One love.

One way or another, we will get there. How much more enjoyable it will be when we make the choice to get there together.

Love and Peace -- jb

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