I Don't Understand

I don't understand why some people choose to be so happy, but I like it. Lately I have been noticing that those with whom I am interacting seem to be much happier people than in times past. Could it be that this whole world peace thing is coming around?

I realize that there is uncertainty regarding the state of our financial institutions here in the U.S., as well as concern over money in general everywhere else in the world. I have had my own issues in recent months, but hey! It is really a great time to be alive, and the joy that I keep bumping into is quite contagious. It is also really hard to miss.

I like how it all seems to contribute to an overall sense of well being, at least from my perspective. Additionally, it is remarkable that this sense of well being would choose to manifest when everything appears to be so screwed up :O

I don't put much stock in the news, and I don't care too much about popular opinion. I have been hearing how bad the economy is for several years and with little exception, my work is as fruitful as it has ever, ever been. So why have some of us been shielded from so much of this chaotic activity and allowed to live an unaffected existence?

I tend to believe that those who choose to see the good will always see it, and the poor souls who choose to see only other than good, have an ample supply of doo doo to sift through. It is a choice to see beyond these illusions, and I encourage you today to consider a new set of eyes and/or glasses if you have anything less than beauty and truth in your immediate view.

It is times like these that allow for the contrast that becomes necessary for some of us when we get too complacent. It is indeed a beautiful world, it's just that some people need help seeing that beauty. If you're happy, offer a glimpse of it to a stranger as you make your way through your day. If your anything short of happy, drop me a line and I will share mine with you.

Either way, just remember that it is our choice to see beauty and truth, and it is also our choice to see something else. Seeing is sometimes believing, and the fact that I am seeing more smiles than frowns makes me more of a believer in world peace than ever before.

May you experience peace, love, and thoughts that are unhindered by illusions. -- jb


  1. I am so thankful for your words. Every day you say something that speaks specifically to me, that I need to hear and be reminded. Much love and peace to you...

  2. You know as well as I do, when you look for love and happiness, you find it. There are a lot of happy, peaceful souls out there, the connection is great fun and joy. Have a blessed day. By the way that eye is freaky, didn't you used to have a little one that didn't shock me each morning? Oh well, I probably need the jar :)

  3. I know what the problem is... Your country is faced with the totally unfamiliar prospect of losing some of its enormous wealth. That's the problem with being rich and getting used to it. With us here, we have nothing more to lose. So what can I say, happy are the poor? Hahaha... Thank you for the kind word... Sometimes, I hesitate to visit your blog because you might think I am doing it for kindness' sake. No, I really like it here, especially in the way that your blog lifts my spirit. Know what, I had been visiting incognito and not a single post you make ever escapes me. I told you I'm a fan. So you better make good that promise to buy me a drink, hahaha...

  4. I can testify that it actually takes a lot of hard work to be unhappy when you have a roof over your head, you are adequately clothed, you know where your next meal is coming from, and you have family and friends who love you. It it took me a very long time to learn that lesson because what was required was to become aware that happiness is a choice made between the ears. Once I took that first brave step of choosing to be happy no matter what the circumstances, I was able to begin to benefit from enjoying people and things that light up every day.

    Like gravitates to like and the second step I took was taking notice that my choice to be happy had lifted the spirits of the others I was in close contact with and even attracted some new and happy friends into my circle as well.

    I awoke this morning to the barking of my Chihuahuas and my husband's laughter as they rolled around on the carpet playing with toys. I drank my only cup of coffee of the day on my deck after I filled the bird feeders. Then I sat back and smiled as the birds came in for their breakfast. By the time I had eaten mine I was smiling from ear to ear.

    I went online and answered comments and emails and then began to read blogs like yours. YES! It's going to be a happy day for me so I thank you for setting me off to such a great blog reading start.

  5. Jeff,

    Good solid points in the article. Seems that the whole delusion of striving and getting to accumulate a real or imagined stockpile really takes a toll on happiness. Used to work with a highly driven, brilliant real estate financier who was in constant agony in his ivory tower. The worries, fears and stress of competition and the gain/loss pressures he had obsessed about made this young guy very weird. He exuded the most tense and damaged energy, it was hard to sit with him for long. He measured happiness in possessions and bank account totals but was so dreary and pained, it is hard to think what he was 'achieving' had anything to do with happiness.

    Daily surrender to what is has been a blessing for realizing that our treasures lie in our family, friends and love we share, what we can give and not stockpile. The less you are attached to in terms of what makes 'me' special as well as hardware brings more happiness as there is less to lug through the turnstiles.

    Keep up the great work on JBT Amigo!

    One Love


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