the answer

i know of a place so near
how to get there is not always clear
yet knowing i can
keeps me seeking it still
for seeking is part of the plan
how valued your treasure my friend?
that forsaking all to the end
you would search high and low
leaving nothing to chance
it's a promise on which you depend
this place is not there it is here
nothing between us to fear
we seek the same place
moments lost till we wake to
the voice speaking right in our ear
questions we ask not believing
riddles that burn us, deceiving
don't be fooled by the lies
truth is waiting inside and
the answer is ours for receiving.
-- jb
asking is good. if it doesn't make sense, question it, and if the answer doesn't help... keep searching. never settle for someone else's version of the truth. know your truth.


  1. wow that was very moving, I could never write poetry I am so envious, to answer your question, yes you are good

  2. absolutely beautiful. i am moved to tears. much love...

  3. i also try to write some poetry sometimes but i am really bad.

    this was really thought provoking. i was really moved by the line "know your truth".


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