they love me . . .

as i sit with my coffee i see

that today is a great day to be

in love with this life

alive with this love

living free

as i sip from the cup i know

that tasting the moment aglow

with memories of laughter

smiles for those times

when friends take time to show

that they love me . . .

they love me

and as i close my eyes and sigh

i know that it's no lie

these friends are true

the truth is my friend

i am a really lucky guy

because they love me . . .

It is good to be loved. It is good to have friends. It is good to have friends to love. It is even better to be loved by good friends. Today, I want to say thank you to my PT family.

God bless you, and thanks for the memories.

Luvz -- jb


  1. This is a lovely sentiment Jeff.

    Please visit my site... I've given you the 'Arte Y Pico Award'.

  2. Thanks Candy. Good to se you again and Thank You for the nice award... you are too kind. Peace -- jb

  3. You've inspired me to have a cup of coffee and reflect on my friendships as well.
    Thanks Jeff.


  4. Good to see you again Z. Namaste'

  5. Coffee is what friends feel like to me!

    btw: I am gonna be around Monday and Tuesday week... let's get together!

  6. nice poetry dude. Awakening to our true nature is inexplicably blissful and rewarding isn't it?

    I like your blog, im going to link it in mine. Check my blog out, link it here in yours if it resonates with you. Help awaken more to that which you have now come to see.




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