these days

i love days when everything's certain
so why are there days like these?
i can't see the future at all anymore
my crystal ball's broken to pieces
yet when i rest my mind for a moment
i can see that today is still mine
no need for seers, incantations or potions
i can see where before i was blind
i know all is well when i let it
controlling is futile at best
i knew it as soon as i said it
allowing allows me to rest
these days are created for living
no worries, no hurries, no fear
i find that when i am giving
peace, joy and patience appear
let it go, let it out, let it be
live today like tomorrow won't come
remember your choice makes you free
and freedom today wrote a poem
-- jb

i drive myself crazy sometimes by forgetting that i choose how i see it. i see large amounts of abundance, freedom, and peace for these days... there, i feel better already. how do you see it?

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