know thy self

i know you think you know you

i thought i knew me too

then i met "we" sitting here

and found it wasn't true.

what i knew i only learned

from others who'd been burned.

they thought that i as well

should join in their concern.

i did because i was so sure,

and i wanted to be as pure

as possible, but i wasn't strong

i was always too demure.

i have my wings now friend

and my heart is on the mend

i trust my mind, i will always be

true to myself to the end.

for you see i had to go

down that familiar road you know

leads to joy, hurt, love, even loss

yet it taught me how to grow.

so i saw my self sitting next to me

i said, "tell me how to be as free

as my mind says i am, and why do i frown?"

i was hoping we could agree.

then self said to me so clearly

that i knew i was taken sincerely,

"you are we, we are one, you've nothing to fear

and i love you oh so dearly."


know thy "self" as the one

be it christ, buddha, allah, or sun

love thy god, love thy neighbor, love thy self,

you are good... so have thyself some fun.

no need to break man's many rules,

just don't follow any of the fools.

remember free is what we came here for

so give yourself and then offer your tools.

freedom from ego is why

you can't wait till "the sweet by and by."

i know that i can know myself now

and i can know "we" before i die.

life is really good my friend

so you are free to buck the trend

and live your freedom right here, right now

and maybe this world will never end.

-- copyright: jeff baker

for my dear reader friends: i write all poetry posts in lower case, no offense intended to deity. i have my rather elegantly understated-i'm screaming-no offense-type style of expression and i like it but i am always respectful. may i also remind you that as i state throughout my blog, for me the christ is my self, but my audience is as diverse as those that he chose to be with, in his day. from my readings in this wholly accepting blogging community i find my self becoming immersed in, i have learned even more about the many versions of the true self that exist around the world. i respect and honor each of them -- for they have gone out of their way to respect and honor me. remember, there is no them; whether you believe it or not we are one. god is one. we are one. so it is. one. one hope. one world... without end.

one peace. one love. one thought: namaste'. (look it up) -- jb


  1. "there is no them"--I like that. So, knowing yourself, or, as some other poet said "to thine own self be true," means knowing and being true to everyone. Sounds like a good idea to me.....

  2. Your words on Unity are the most beautiful and profound I've read in a long time. Thank you.


  3. Dear Jeff,

    I can see I've missed SO many wonderful heartfelt expressions here. I started with this post because these words caught my eye and just gave me shivers.

    "know thy "self" as the one
    be it christ, buddha, allah, or sun
    love thy god, love thy neighbor, love thy self,
    you are good..."

    This brought tears to my eyes. So simple, so ease-full, so true. And the gentle way in which you encompassed everyone's various beliefs and made LOVE the focus is just soooooooo soothing and healing to everyone. You united us all as "one". Your words encompassed all people's on a deeper level than which religion they follow and your took us to a place of LOVE. Which is what we all ARE. Very beautiful.

    I read the whole thing.

    Hugs to you and yours, my eloquent writer friend.

  4. Your articles bring new ideas into people. Ideas of improving one self, communicating in a productive way, knowing one self, and changing our environment. Very inspiring.


  5. I love the poem and it makes perfect sense to me. I think we are kindred spirits. Thanks for this lovely blog.


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