United We Stand

I have a friend who is very politically savvy. He recently shared with me an interesting perspective on the overused terms "conservative" and "liberal." He looked up the definitions of these words in a Webster's Dictionary circa 1988. As he was sharing his findings with me, the most amazing thing happened: I decided to write a post.

It seems that these decidedly divisive words (as we see them used today) had different meanings when they first became "famous." In fact, a conservative used to be one who was simply resistant to the idea of making changes to existing institutions, while a liberal was unbiased, accepting of change, and even catholic (universal) in their view of others. (Look it up) And sadly, as I observed tonight, the definitions have not really changed much, but the way some people now hide their agendas behind these descriptive terms has got to be an unprecedented occurrence.

Now, as you know, I do not like labels. However, there seems to be a sector of our society who are conservative by proclamation and who are actually fearful about the election results to the point of coming across as "freaking out." I've read posts calling on us to pray, "God help us. We are headed for higher taxes and interest rates." Come on, we have simply elected an another American who happens to be a Democrat, and a somewhat unfamiliar African-American Senator (got a problem with that?) And some would have us believe that we are on the brink of disaster? Get a grip!

I beg your pardon, this change is good. And I can say that without calling myself a liberal, a conservative, a Christian, a Muslim, or any other worn out label. It is time for change! As a matter of fact, changing the course of American history at this time is not only welcome, it is long overdue. Republican, Democrat, Preacher or Pimp, all one has to do is look over the last eight years and it is clear to see that the American Dream has been distorted to mean something bad to the rest of the world. It has come to mean greed, apathy, arrogance, and colonialism. I support our new president. He is an American; I am an American, and I share in his dream of creating a more balanced landscape not only for the well being of Americans, but for the rest of the world who count on us to continue that dream. Many are counting on us... Why do you think so many people want to move here? What do you think about that fact?

I don't want to hear another person complain about redistributing wealth either. What were the early Christians attempting to do when they started the Church? They shared everything. Stop quivering in fear. Have you even thought about it?

Think. About. It.

Barack Obama's proposed tax plan is nothing new. It is in essence the same one we had during the Clinton administration, and together we accomplished a balanced budget by our participation via our tax contributions. I think that we should be able to agree that the last eight years have sufficiently upset any balance that might have existed, whether economical, social, or international. Let's quit freaking out and saying that God has forsaken us.

I believe (you are free to disagree) that we have elected the best candidate we could for redirecting our government and restoring trust in the processes that govern the people. We as Americans have the historical privilege of living in the era that will save America for our children and their children. We will be remembered not only for electing, but hopefully supporting the man who made "change" a healthy term once more; one absent of fear, one that brings about hope, and for me personally a feeling of true patriotism. God I have missed that feeling.

Peace for these times, love for our neighbors, and no more thoughts of fear! -- jb


  1. Labels cause separation and judgment. We humans love to put things in a box.

    I have so much hope for unity consciousness to take hold in the US with the change that has just happened. Now if only this competitive and divisive Democrat and Republican chasm could close so we could recognize that there is no significant difference.

  2. Thanks Seth... the day is indeed coming.

  3. What a fantastic perspective...and so, so true!

    Glad I followed you over here from BlogCatalog and Seth's site. It appears we are all on the same page where the new world changes are concerned! It is such a great and exciting time :)


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