life as we know it...

life as we know it is good

our earth runs just as it should

we can help it along

by joining her song

and not chopping all of her wood

see forests are very much needed

so our oxygen won't be depleted

not to mention the rain

and the carbon exchange

helps keep her from getting too heated

if you think i am being dramatic

the earth could run on automatic

but we were given the chance

to share in god's plans

which i think is quite democratic

life as we know it is good

free will says i will chop her wood

but free will is free

not so for a tree

but then trees wouldn't do what we would
-- jb / copyright: jeff baker

i'm not really trying to think like a tree... not sure i could. but i do think we are about at our time limit for finding new and better ways of producing our stuff while inflicting less (no) further damage to the ecological balance of the incredible, beautiful, perfectly designed planet that we call home. more and more people are waking up to the responsibility we each have for looking out for mother earth. if we don't do it, who will? if we don't take the time to teach our kids, who will teach them? who will teach their kids? it is indeed a wonderful world. i think it is the apple of god's eye... as we are. i think god is prompting us to intervene on earth's behalf by looking at the impact we have had while living here. i think we should do something... what do you think?


  1. very very nice... and so true :)

  2. Dear Jeff, I just read your incoming comment on my blog and it brought tears to my eyes...AND I felt so deeply touched...and honored. I believe in everything you wrote in that comment. I could even "feel" it when I read it.

    THEN, I come here and read this AMAZING poem that is both whimsical and profound. This is a keep...in fact you might want to stick a copyright notice on it with you name next to it. Just: Copyright: Jeff Baker. In fact this is pert that it could be almost sung as a song or used a theme for an enviro group. It would make a FANTASTIC kids book. Putting one line on each page with simple paintings of phots! I am blown away if this is your first attempt at poetry. But then you whole site is unlike anything I've seen on the internnet. I just Stumbled it and am going to share it with others. I am so proud of you. I feel like I've found a kindred spirit. Thank you for the wonderful connection!! And yes, I am VERY encouraged. Bless you, Robin

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  4. I loved this poem, so simple and profound. Sorry for the above!


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